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What Role Do Colors Play in Web Designing?  | 
Various website designs make use of colored themes to depict the mood of the website and also bring life to a boring website. Colors excite the human senses as a scientific study revealed that a person living in a red colored room has a higher blood pressure than the one living in a blue colored room. Often some businesses underestimate the importance of colors in their company website and only use text and links; this however hardly works in attracting customers.  | 
Evolution of CMSs (Content Management Systems) has changed the way developers were creating websites or online applications till date. Today, if you google over the internet, you won’t find any website or application that is built without any content management system. The CMSs are used to facilitate developers with ease of creating, edit and manage websites on the go. There are plenty of popular CMSs you can find around, and one such CMS is Sitefinity.


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