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4 Techs Which Zap The Traditional Wallet  | 
The trusty wallet represents a common lifestyle symbol. It communicates that a person is solvent, capable, and has funds to make responsible and legal transactions. Today's wallet is stuffed with cards, photos, receipts, bank statements, mementos, loyalty vouchers as well as legal tender notes and change. Rapid advancements in online technologies will likely make the wallet either an incredibly slim-line accessory, or potentially altogether irrelevant what with the emergence of multiple devices and mobile-related purchasing opportunities.   

UK Brewery Launches First Twitter Crowdsourced Beer #Mashtag  | 
A new beer from the Scottish brewery, Brew Dog in UK has reportedly been crowdsourced via Twitter.   The company let their fans on Twitter, Facebook, and their blog decides both the name and other elements of the beer, Fox News reports.   The result of the 'tweet-sourcing' was an American Brown Ale made from New Zealand with a respectable 7.5 percent ABV and named '#Mashtag.'  

Facebook Introduces 'Clickable Hashtags' Linked to Topics of Discussions
ANI  | 
Social media giant Facebook has introduced 'clickable hashtags' (#), similar to those used in Twitter and Instagram, in order to allow users to identify the topics and search for them later.   According to, users will be able to follow the link through the hashtag and see a feed of discussions over the same topic. For example, #LadyGaga will lead to discussions and other search results to the same topic.  

Social Media Site Facebook Has Agreed to Revise its Content Policies.
ANI  | 
In response to protests and campaigns carried out by advocacy groups and advertisers, social media site Facebook has agreed to revise its content policies.   Campaigns by the U.S.-based Women, Action and Media, and the Everyday Sexism Project, a UK based Twitter feed, have demanded the removal of supposedly humorous content endorsing rape and domestic violence.   Protests arose when photographs endorsing rape and domestic violence circulated on the social media site.  

Samsung Creates Furore After Portraying Men As 'Stupid, Dirty Slobs'
ANI  | 
A new advertisement for Samsung televisions portrays men as dirty slobs, flatulent, dirty, couch-bound, unkempt, and unevolved - and it now has members of the male species crying foul.   Outraged men vented their anger through the social media, with some saying that the ad is probably one of the most vile they have ever seen. One man said the ad is simply mainlining outright contempt.  

Social Media Making Forgetting Romantic Breakups Difficult: Study
ANI  | 
The proliferation of social media has made getting over a romantic breakup a bigger chore than in the bygone era, even though digital photos and emails can be deleted in no time.   According to a study, ubiquitous digital records of a once beloved keep lurking on Facebook, tumblr, and flicker, makes it difficult to forget painful memories.  

Motivations Behind Social Media Platform - "Pinterest" activities: Study
Gender plays significant roles among Pinterest users, a recent study has revealed.   Eric Gilbert at Georgia Tech's School of Interactive Computing and Professor Loren Terveen at the University of Minnesota have reported their findings based on a statistical analysis of motivations behind Pinterest activities and the factors distinguishing Pinterest from other social networking sites.  

ANI  | 
Screen time has changed dramatically in the 21st century. Although most people still watch television and work on computers, social forms of media are expanding rapidly, in part due to the growth of the Internet and cellular networks.   These interactive and social media include social networking sites, online video sharing, virtual worlds, mobile phones, and video chat.  

Excess Use Of Social Media & Texting Leads To Poor Academic Performance
ANI  | 
The widespread use of media among college students, from texting to chatting on cell phones to posting status updates on Facebook, may be taking an academic toll, researchers with The Miriam Hospital's Centers for Behavioral and Preventive Medicine have said.   According to a new study, freshmen women spend nearly half their day, 12 hours, engaged in some form of media use, particularly texting, music, the Internet and social networking.  

Bihar Netas Use Social Networking Sites To Woo Youngsters Patna
PTI  | 
Politicians are increasingly using social networking sites as a tool to further their political agenda and the latest to join the bandwagon is Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.  


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