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Apple Applies for 'Rumoured' iWatch Trademark in Japan
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Software giant Apple has reportedly filed for trademark in Japan for its rumoured production of 'iWatch', a smart wristwatch which is expected to function with its iOS software.   According to Fox News, Japan's Patent Office website indicates that the application was made on June 3 and made public on June 27, however, it is not clear when the application will be approved.  

Coming Soon: Apple iPhone That Can be Controlled with Nod of Head
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Software manufacturer Apple is testing motion control feature of 'head movements' which will allow users to control their iPhones.   The feature has been discovered in Apple's latest mobile operating system, iOS 7 and will be available for public update in the fall. It is an option in the accessibility menu that overrides the usual touchscreen controls, reports CNN.  

Apple Accused Of Securing Preferential Terms With Mobile Operators For Iphone
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Apple has been accused of using its influence to secure preferential treatment from mobile operators wanting to offer the iphone, a former senior executive at a major European operator has said.   By doing so, Apple squeezed out competition from rival brands.   The Guardian has been given a detailed description of an alleged three-year contract between Apple and the operator.  

Yahoo Set To Introduce Upgraded E-Mail Service
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Yahoo users will now have to switch to the search engine's new e-mail service, which is known to be the second or third most popular on the web.   Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer had declared that it was awaiting a major overhaul of the e-mail service in December and progress has been made since then, CNN reports.   Addressing Yahoo users, Mayer said the company has listened to people's claims that they want fewer mail distractions and a quicker process of login and communication.  

BlackBerry Messenger Chat App Now Available On iOs And Android
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Blackberry has announced that it will make its once popular BBM service available on other platforms like Apple's iOS and Google's Android.   The company's unveiling of its latest slim and sleek Blackberry Q5 phone operating on BB 10 system preceded this announcement.   Blackberry Messenger provided the alternative to text messages when chat apps like Whatsapp were not launched. It was the BBM, which made its users loyal to the brand.  

iPhone Losing Battle Against Google Android: Samsung & HTC Leads the Market
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A report by an independent technology focused analyst house Catalys, has claimed that Apple's iPhone is losing market space to other smart phone manufacturers.   According to a report by Mashable, the shipment of notebooks, tablets and smartphones reached 308.7 million in the first quarter of 2013 which is 37 percent more than last year's figure for same quarter.   At present, Google's Android is dominating the mobile market by making up for 60 percent of shipments. Apple holds only 19 percent of this market.  

Nokia Launches India-Made Touch Screen Phone For USD 99 (Rs.5000)
PTI  | 
New Delhi, May 9 (PTI) Finnish phone maker Nokia today unveiled a USD 99 (about Rs 5,350) touch screen mobile with internet capability on its popular Asha series as it looks to regain lost ground after having fallen behind in the global smartphone race.   The Asha 501, which will be built in India, will roll out to 90 countries by June and will cost USD 99 excluding taxes. The phone will use a new software that allows users to multitask between built in applications for popular social media sites.

AirBeam iPhone App Convert Smartphones Into Home Monitoring System
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Worried about what your dog is chewing on when you're at work, or whether your home is secure while on vacation? New apps can transform old smartphones into remote security cameras for home monitoring systems.  | 
Imagine a dress that changes shape and colour on its own, or a shirt that can capture the energy from human movement and use it to charge an iPhone.   This could be the future of fashion, according to researchers from Concordia University.  

Facebook Chat Heads: Now Rolling Out on iPhone and iPads
ANI  | 
Social networking giant Facebook has updated its iPhone and iPad applications that would allow people to keep using its chat feature even when they are doing other activities on the site.   Facebook announced that it's bringing its "chat heads" feature to its Apple apps. It's called chat heads because friends' profile photos pop up when they send you a message, Fox News reports.  


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