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Apple Applies for 'Rumoured' iWatch Trademark in Japan
ANI  | 
Software giant Apple has reportedly filed for trademark in Japan for its rumoured production of 'iWatch', a smart wristwatch which is expected to function with its iOS software.   According to Fox News, Japan's Patent Office website indicates that the application was made on June 3 and made public on June 27, however, it is not clear when the application will be approved.  

Facebook Chat Heads: Now Rolling Out on iPhone and iPads
ANI  | 
Social networking giant Facebook has updated its iPhone and iPad applications that would allow people to keep using its chat feature even when they are doing other activities on the site.   Facebook announced that it's bringing its "chat heads" feature to its Apple apps. It's called chat heads because friends' profile photos pop up when they send you a message, Fox News reports.  

Apple iPad To Get Retina Display by Mid 2013
ANI  | 
Apple's iPad mini with Retina display could be launched in the second half of 2013, a report has said. The above image shows the leaked pictures of new iPad Mini with Retina Display. The logo has different color as it symbolizes the iPad Mini 2 with different colors options.

Next Generation iPad Already Popped Up In Chinese Market, Report
ANI  | 
Supposed cases of the next-generation iPad have already popped up in Chinese markets, a report has said.   According to Apple bitch, cases of the iPad, which will be known as the iPad 5, appeared for sale in the international marketplace, AliBaba, last week. Here are the pictures of cases shown in the Alibaba  


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