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Apple's Highly anticipated iPhone 5S to Have 31% Better Speed
ANI  | 
Tech giant Apple's highly anticipated iPhone 5S is speculated to have a higher processing chip which would speed up the phone's functioning by 31 percent.   Sources said that the new iPhone will have an A7 chip which will be faster than the current A6 model.   According to the Daily Express, Apple is also testing 64-bit processors which would enable the phone to process better graphics at a smoother level.  

iPad Charger Explosion Latest in Apple's Series of Ticking Gadget Bombs
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Tech giant Apple's products seem to be ticking bombs as in the latest incidence of charger explosion, a 34-year old man suffered a huge electric shock when his daughter's iPad charger burst in his hand while unplugging.   Tim Gillooley from Cheshire claimed that had his eight-year-old daughter Chloe unplugged the device, she could have been killed with the shock.  

Coming Soon: Apple iPhone That Can be Controlled with Nod of Head
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Software manufacturer Apple is testing motion control feature of 'head movements' which will allow users to control their iPhones.   The feature has been discovered in Apple's latest mobile operating system, iOS 7 and will be available for public update in the fall. It is an option in the accessibility menu that overrides the usual touchscreen controls, reports CNN.  

Is Apple Really Planning To Launch Colourful iPhones and iPads? Read
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Tech giant Apple could make its iPhone available in different colors, similar to what Nokia does with the Lumia 920, a report has said.   According to Apple Bitch, the tech firm has posted a new job looking for an anodizing engineer. The employment posting come out as fresh story which hold suggestions that the next generation iphone will come in as many as six to eight different colors according to analysts Peter Misek of Jeffries and Brian White of Capital Markets.  


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