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Apple iOS 7 Concept Features - Rediff Technology  | 
So it’s been a while, ok maybe some months since Apple has come out with something we can “love”.   But now let’s get ready for iOS 7, which will come out in the last quarter of 2013, most probably September. iOS 7 will be released along with the iPhone 5 or   Well let’s talk about iOS 7. Currently the iOS 7 beta can be downloaded, only if you are a member of Apple iOS Developer Program.

Apple Abandons 'AppStore Name' Case, Frees Amazon to Use It
ANI  | 
Software manufacturer Apple has reportedly abandoned its pursuit of lawsuit regarding the use of 'AppStore' as a name by Amazon for its own products.   Apple spokeswoman Kristin Huguet said that the company sees no need to pursue the case any further as with more than 900,000 apps and 50 billion downloads, customers know where they can purchase their favorite apps, the Daily Express reports.  

Apple Applies for 'Rumoured' iWatch Trademark in Japan
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Software giant Apple has reportedly filed for trademark in Japan for its rumoured production of 'iWatch', a smart wristwatch which is expected to function with its iOS software.   According to Fox News, Japan's Patent Office website indicates that the application was made on June 3 and made public on June 27, however, it is not clear when the application will be approved.  

iMessages Encrypted Data Could Be Retrieved by Apple
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Software giant Apple had earlier claimed that the US government has no access to its servers but has recently said that it could not furnish certain data to the government even if it wanted to.   According to Mashable, Apple has said that data of iMessages and Face Time is protected by end-to-end encryption so that no one apart from the sender or receiver can view it adding that even Apple cannot decrypt that data.  

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Britain's foreign secretary William Hague has said that law abiding British citizens need not worry about GCHQ surveillance programme which is in collaboration with US agencies.   There have been allegations about GCHQ using 'Prism' spy programme run by US to monitor citizen's web data including emails, photos and videos who are based outside UK, reports BBC.  

Apple Accused Of Securing Preferential Terms With Mobile Operators For Iphone
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Apple has been accused of using its influence to secure preferential treatment from mobile operators wanting to offer the iphone, a former senior executive at a major European operator has said.   By doing so, Apple squeezed out competition from rival brands.   The Guardian has been given a detailed description of an alleged three-year contract between Apple and the operator.  

Apple Ios 7 Presumed To Be 'Black, White And Flat All Over'
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Apple's decision of redesigning its latest iOS 7 is speculated to present a 'black, white and flat' look all over.   Jonathan Ive who became in charge of the look and feel of the Apple hardware and software last year, is reportedly not fond of skeuomorphic heavy designs, which currently dominate the iOS.  

 Amazon Beats Google, Apple With Paid-For Android Apps In China
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London, May 7 (ANI): Amazon has launched its first ever paid-for Android apps in China, beating Google, which has offered only free apps. This move is considered as Amazon's strategy to delve deep into the Chinese mobile phone market where it had controlled less than three percent of the e-commerce market till last year, the BBC reports.  

Google-Owned Motorola Mobility Abuses German Position, Files Patent Injunction On Apple
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In yet another patent dispute, Google-owned Motorola Mobility has reportedly abused its position in the German mobile market by not allowing Apple to enter in a fair and non-discriminatory agreement.   Motorola won an injunction over Apple products for the use of patents in February 2012 but the two companies could not arrive on a price to be paid by Apple, resulting in the removal of Apple products from its German website, reports BBC.  

Coffee with Apple CEO Tim Cook comes with price tag of $210k
Apple CEO Tim Cook is set to share Silicon Valley's most expensive cup of coffee, it has been revealed.   Sometime in the next year, Cook will sit down for a cup of coffee with someone who has paid at least 210,000 dollars for the privilege, CNN reported.   Cook has volunteered, through the online-auction site Charity Buzz, to share up to an hour of his precious time with two lucky (and deep-pocketed) winners.  


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