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Review On HTC First: Smartphone With PreInstalled Facebook Home

The “HTC First” is the first smart phone to launch with Facebook Home preinstalled, with a continuous Facebook news feed. Facebook home is simply a launcher replacement for Android, when you power on the device for the first time, you are prompted to login to your Facebook account. This smartphone, a collaboration between HTC and Facebook,along with its pocket friendly factor has a lot of more things to offer than simply featuring Facebook Home.


The first thing one will notice while handling HTC First is its size. With its dimension of125.98 X 65.02 X 8.89 9mm it is manageable almost same as Apple iPhone5. A soft plastic-touch body makes the phone pleasant to hold in one hand. HTC First is a Smartphone with a unique high-quality builds that will immediately gain some ground on the competition. It was designed and built with utter simplicity in mind. Users with smaller palms will consider its smaller size as a blessing to them. HTC First is a 5-inch dual-core handset that is presently in to AT&T's 4G LTE network and comes in red, black, white and pale blue color.


Screen and Sound Quality

This phone has a 4.3 super LCD display that reproduces everything perfect. HTC has employed 720p screen resolution instead of common qHD resolution on the screen—that has provided the best class in visuals in “HTC First” like none other. The only complaint that is raised sometime against HTC First is that its legibility is not great outdoors, but in all other instances, its screen quality is exceptional. The HTC First’s speaker is on the bottom edge. The speaker pumps loud volume that remains distinct even with some background noises, though the audio quality is average for phones.



The 1.4 GHz dual-core processor and 1 GB RAM with Qualcomm processor offer a smooth performance much better than one might expect. However, the graphical performances on high end games are the areas that call for attention. Facebook Home is also one area that demands upliftment. The change between lock screen and Home Screen sometime falters while updating or attempting to launch the app drawer. The Real world performance is remarkable, the day to day activities are performed without major slowdown or great concerns but the software is not at par with “HTC One”. Although it is at present, is reasonably fast, but HTC First needs some fine tuning in a future date.


The 5 MP camera of HTC First is also another letdown. Perhaps the social networking aura was more prioritized than the camera. It is, however, not incorrect to assume that, images taken by this 5 MP camera are most likely to end up viewed in other mobile phones with simple square aspect ratios with application of filter effects. HTC First lacks a user replaceable battery. Further, there is no Micro Secure Digital Card Slot. So you have to be happy with 16GB of on-board memory for preserving your music, photos, apps and movies.


HTC First is a mid-range Smartphone with mid-range hardware, but that does not necessarily mean below-par performance. 

Price In India: expected To Come Around Rs. 25,000.


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