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Google Nexus7 Or iPad Mini Who Is Going To Make It Big?

When it was launched last year, the iPad Mini went on to make Apple proud with good reviews and a good reception in the market. Even though the yet to be decided launch of the iPad Mini 2 might seem to promise potential tablet buyers, the market has a new contender for the position of the number one tablet.


Even though the Google Nexus 7 went out of stock for some time, it is running the Android Jelly Bean. Although news about Android spyware is constantly making way in the market, Google Nexus 7 has its own redeeming points.


Here are a few ways in which both these tablets differ.


Display and Budget


The iPad Mini gathered some criticism due to its low-resolution and unattractive screen especially when compared to Google Nexus 7. For those who have a budget in mind for the purchase of a tablet, Google Nexus 7 seems to be a better option. One can get the Wi-Fi only model at a greater amount of money as compared to Google Nexus 7.


The Nook HD and Kindle Fire HD are the only top brand name tablets that fall in the same price range as the Google Nexus 7. Google charges subsidies for its products while Apple charges premium prices for its creations. That might explain the huge difference in the prices of both the tablets but the high price of Apple may account for its upmarket design. With Nexus, you may have compromised on design. Though, having a back that is soft to touch and it is slender too but it cannot beat Apple with its great texture and design.



The Google Nexus 7 gives a very fluid effect while launching apps, browsing screens and carrying out other tasks. This track was once only in the hands of iPad. Google Nexus has been updated to Android 4.2.2. This however has not been able to change the fact that Google has somewhat slowed the performance.


Google Nexus comes with a quad core of 1.2GHz while the iPad Mini comes with A5. iPad comes with a GPU. Therefore, when using both the devices, one does not feel much of a difference.




If customization of your tablet is an issue that has to be addressed to, Google Nexus is the better option. It is because of the fact that Android supports custom launchers, keyboards, widgets, ROMs and more. This is what the iPad Mini falls short of.




As there a limited number of iOS products in the market, app designers get the opportunity to ‘polish’ their apps. This, however, is not the case when apps for Android devices are designed because of the designers have to worry more about the numerous Android devices out there in the market.


Battery Life


The batteries of both the tablets are good. Google Nexus 7 might be able to give you around 8.5 hours while the iPad can give up to 10 hours of battery life.   


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