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A Full Review Of The Google Drive: Main Features and Their Backup Facility

For those of you that have never used the Google Drive before, it is a file storage facility that Google let you use free of charge! Google give you a free 15GB, this is more than enough and I doubt you would ever use up all of the space in your lifetime, unless you are some serious corporate company that is.


The Features


  1. File Types - Google let you view up to 30 different files types including images, documents, audio and video! As long as it is 25MB or less you are able to view the files in your Google Drive account using the browser.


  1. Work Offline - If you use Google chrome you are able to turn the browser into “Drive Offline”, you can then create, edit and comment on any document you wish.


  1. Mobile Support - You can use the Google drive with any mobile device that has an Internet connection.


  1. Sharing - This is one of the main great features of the drive, you are able to share any document or even an entire folder to anyone in the world by simply putting their email into the sharing option, Google will then email a link to them that they can access through.


  1. Revisions - You can also go back into old revisions and turn back the clock with your editing.


  1. Upgrades - Google do have an upgrade option all the way up to 200GB for just $9.99 per month! This is a massive load of space to have at your fingertips for just documents, photos, audio and video! If you think this is an costly affair you can anytime shop for some Rediff Shopping


Use it as a backup facility


You don’t have to share files out to people, how about using it as a backup facility? Let’s say you are an accountant and have important files on your laptop or desktop computer... why not use the Google drive to backup these files instead of using DVD’s and CD’s. Let’s face it, using DVD’s is not cost effective and does take awhile to burn to DVD - DVD Rom, whereas you are able to upload files in seconds with Google drive and then they are safe and sound!



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