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Xbox One To Have Eye-Tracking Technology To Check If Users Watch Ads And Offer Rewards

The Xbox One will soon have an eye-tracking technology to check whether the viewers watch ads and also offer rewards for those who stay put during adverts.


According to The Sun, Software giant Microsoft has filed for a patent to use eye-tracking technology in its Xbox One home entertainment system so that television and online advertisers can check if users are watching the ads attentively.


The company said that producers, distributors, and advertisers of the video content may set viewing goals and offer rewards to those users who reach the goals.


According to the report, the rewards may include money, discounts or points on a loyalty scheme as an incentive.


However, the technology experts warn that this move will infringe on the privacy of the users.


The Xbox One, which allows for one time game sharing to friends and their trading with participating retailers, will be launched before Christmas, the report added. (ANI)




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