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A scientist from UK has invented a cheap and easy-to-use device that can detect cancer in ten minutes.   Jonathan O'Halloran created the iPhone-sized Q-POC, which is also able to analyse disease's genetic signatures before advising on the best type of drugs that can be used for treatment, the Daily Express reported.   The first prototypes of the device are undergoing trials and according to experts has the potential to prolong the lives of 12.7million newly-diagnosed cancer sufferers and save lives of millions.  

Google Will Pay More If British Tax Laws Are Changed: Eric Schmidt
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Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt has said the company will pay more tax if the British tax laws are changed, and added that it does not treat paying taxes as optional but mandatory.   Google has been criticized for allegedly evading taxes revealing payments of 3.4 million pounds in tax on 3.2billion pounds of sales to customers in Britain last year, with sales technically accounting for under the low-tax regime of Ireland.  

Turning Off Technology Hours Before Bedtime Promotes Sound Sleep
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Using your tablet or smartphone before bed can suppress quality sleep, thus putting you at risk for health problems, a new study suggests.   If you want to improve your sleep, researchers advise shutting off your tablet well before bedtime.   Nighttime exposure to LED rays illuminating from tablets, computers, TVs, and smartphone can disrupt your body's natural rhythms, and raise your risk for not only sleep loss but health problems, the report said.  

Mind Control: World's First 3D Printed Object Created Using Brain
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A technology company from Chile has claimed to print world's first physical object using the power of the mind.   According to technology blog, George Lakowsky, the CTO for Thinker Thing, a self-described "creative group" managed to successfully create an object using a brain-computer interface headset.   Lakowsky used the interface to form a 3-D shape using his thoughts that were then sent to a 3-D printer for fabrication of the object- a cluster of polygons which resembled a toy robot's arm, Fox News reported.  

Samsung Creates Furore After Portraying Men As 'Stupid, Dirty Slobs'
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A new advertisement for Samsung televisions portrays men as dirty slobs, flatulent, dirty, couch-bound, unkempt, and unevolved - and it now has members of the male species crying foul.   Outraged men vented their anger through the social media, with some saying that the ad is probably one of the most vile they have ever seen. One man said the ad is simply mainlining outright contempt.  


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