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Solar Observatory Sunrise Set to Spill Sun's Secrets
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After two months of preparations in Kiruna, north of Sweden, the balloon-borne solar observatory Sunrise is ready for its next flight.   As soon as the weather conditions are right, a huge, helium-filled balloon will carry Sunrise to a travelling height of approximately 35 kilometers.  

Google Glass Won't Allow Face Recognition Apps
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Google has said face-recognition apps won't be allowed on Google GlassGoogle Glass anytime soon.   The company announced in a Google Plus post that it wouldn't add facial recognition features to its products without having strong privacy protections in place, reports MySlate.   Last month a congressional committee on privacy wrote Google an open letter explicitly asking whether Glass would have "facial recognition capabilities."  

Julius Richard Petri Google Doodle
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Google is commemorating the achievements of German bacteriologist and inventor of the Petri dish, Julius Richard Petri, on what would have been his 160th birthday by a doodle.   Julius Richard Petri invented the Petri dish, which is crucial to the scientific discoveries from school to biotech labs, when he worked as an assistant to Robert Koch, the father of modern bacteriology, The Independent reports.  

Picking Up Second Language Determined By Ability To Learn Patterns
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A new study has suggested that learning to understand and read a second language may be driven, at least in part, by our ability to pick up on statistical regularities.   This may explain why some people tend to pick up a second language with relative ease, while others have a much more difficult time.   Some research suggests that learning a second language draws on capacities that are language-specific, while other research suggests that it reflects a more general capacity for learning patterns.  

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Two Indian researchers from Cornell's Personal Robotics Lab have helped develop a robot, which offers a helping hand to humans by anticipating their action.  

Murdoch Quotes Koran On Twitter While Criticising UK Soldier's Beheading
Media baron Rupert Murdoch quoted verses from the Koran on Twitter while criticising the beheading of a British soldier by extremists.   Murdoch tweeted that whoever kills a human being, it shall be regarded as having killed all mankind.   The Washington Times quoted a second tweet from Murdoch, as saying that punishment for murder and villainy and for those who wage war against Allah is beheading.  

Google Aims to Boost Number of Female Computer Engineers
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Search engine Google is aiming to increase the number of female computer engineers in order to reduce the gender gap in the industry.   Co-founder Larry Page in his address during the I/O conference, said that the company is focused on recruiting more women 'forever' so as to ensure that the company is not all male.   In a report by CNN, Page suggested that more young girls and women need to be directed towards technology, which will undoubtedly double the rate of progress.  

Sky Apps Latest Victim of Syrian Electronic Army
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The notorious and yet proficient Syrian Electronic Army, in their latest hacking spree, have targeted and defaced Sky's Android apps.   The Syrian Electronic Army or SEA replaced the logos of six of the UK broadcaster Sky's apps with that of SEA. The hackers breached the firm's Twitter accounts and posted messages to users to view the defaced programmes.   In a report by BBC, SEA has earlier hacked social media accounts of political leaders, top organizations including BBC, FT, CBS News, Associated Press, FIFA amongst others.  

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Students did equally well on a test whether reading from a digital book or a printed one, a new research by an Indiana State University doctoral student has found.   Jim Johnson, who also is director of instructional and information technology services in the Bayh College of Education, surveyed more than 200 students.  

Randi Zuckerberg Tries To Balance Technology For 2-Year-Old Son
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The sister of facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Randi, has revealed that she tries to balance the time her 2-year-old son spends in front of the screen.   Randi, who is also the owner of her own digital company, is raising a tech-savvy kid, Asher Tworetzky, the New York post reported.   "I try to really limit," she told the publication last week.   Randi said that she also wants her son to get outside and play like a normal kid.  


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