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Microsoft Offering Hackers $1Million for Finding Bugs in Windows
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Software giant Microsoft has decided to reward security researchers to report bugs and find novel methods for exploiting the security built into the latest version of Windows.   According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Microsoft has announced that it will pay up to one million dollars for finding bugs with Windows 8 and those who can demonstrate a way to block the new attack method can earn 50,000 dollars more.  

Faster Growing Babies May Have Higher IQ Later in Life
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Weight gain and increased head size in the first month of a baby's life is linked to a higher IQ at early school age, a new study has revealed.   Researchers from University of Adelaide Public Health analysed data from more than 13,800 children who were born full-term.   The study found that babies who put on 40 percent of their birth weight in the first four weeks had an IQ 1.5 points higher by the time they were six years of age, compared with babies who only put on 15percent of their birth weight.  

Coming Soon: Car Technology That Makes Stopping at Traffic Lights History
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A car maker from Germany is developing a technology that calculates the amount of time before an upcoming set of traffic lights turn red, and tell driver the ideal speed needed to navigate roads and intersections.   Audi in Germany has joined forces with Berlin authorities in a trial that taps into the city's central traffic management system, reported.  

Soon, You Could Send Messages to Aliens in Space
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A new project is asking people having an internet connection to help beam messages into outer space in an attempt to make our presence in the universe known.   According to officials, the Lone Signal project will be humanity's first-ever attempt to send continuous messaging to extraterrestrial intelligence.  

Cyberbullying Puts Teens at Risk of Depression, Substance Abuse
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Effects of Cyberbullying   Teenage victims of cyberbullying are more likely to develop symptoms of depression, substance abuse and internet addiction, a new study has revealed.   Conversely, teens who are depressed or who abuse drugs are also often targets of cyberbullies.  

New Pulsar Distance Record May Help Detect Elusive Gravitational Waves
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An international team of scientists (ASTRON) have used the Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA) to set a new distance accuracy record, pegging a pulsar called PSR J2222-0137 at 871.4 light-years from Earth.   The team led by astronomer Adam Deller did this by observing the object over a two-year period to detect its parallax, the slight shift in apparent position against background objects when viewed from opposite ends of Earth's orbit around the Sun.  

Extrasolar Planet Formation Sheds New Light on Other Planetary Systems
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Researchers has found evidence that an extrasolar planet may be forming quite far from its star-about twice the distance Pluto is from our Sun.   The planet lies inside a dusty, gaseous disk around a small red dwarf TW Hydrae, which is only about 55 percent of the mass of the Sun.   The discovery adds to the ever-increasing variety of planetary systems in the Milky Way.   This dusty protoplanetary disk is the closest one to us, some 176 light-years away in the constellation Hydra.  

Now, a Pair of Shorts That Charges Your Mobile As You Walk
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Scientists have invented a pair of shorts which stores energy to charge wearer's phone battery while they are on the move.   An average person wearing the Power Shorts and going for a stroll can generate enough energy to charge a battery for four hours, the Sun reported.   This happens with the help of a fabric that turns walking into electrical power.   The gaps in the clothes are squashed together while a person walks and the energy created is then used to power mobiles.  

Coming Soon: Electric Bicycle That Can Fly
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Three Czech Republic companies have teamed up to make a prototype of an electric bicycle that can fly.   The amazing machine is currently controlled remotely while in development but its designers hope to have it capable of carrying people soon, Sky News reported.   Looking like a heavy mountain bike, it has two propellers in the front, other two in the back and one on each side.   Its six engines are powered by batteries and weighs 95kg.  

Harry Potter-Like Invisibility Cloak Technology Makes Animals Disappear
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Scientists have created an invisibility cloak just like the one depicted in the Harry Potter movies.   In a video footage of the device in action, a goldfish suddenly appears as it swims out of a cloak submerged in a tank of water and then the lower half of a cat disappears as it steps inside a cloak placed on a table.  


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