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Gamers' Headset That Come With Electrodes 'Potentially Dangerous'
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A Sydney world leader has warned of the unknown side effects of using a headset with four electrodes, which can zap the brain with a surge of electricity to improve computer gamers' response time.   The 273-dollar device passes a current to the prefrontal cortex using a stimulation technique that is also used to treat depression, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.  

Music Professor Develops Device for Speech and Cognitive Therapy
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An assistant music professor has created a device with unique therapeutic applications that can treat speech and hearing disorders and memory loss, among other things.   Called Sonik Spring, J. Tomas Henriques invention is a 15-inch metal spring resembling a Slinky toy that is outfitted with gyroscopes and accelerometers to capture three-dimensional motion and provide kinesthetic feedback.   The Sonik Spring also transforms recorded sound as the user expands, compresses, twists, and bends it.  

High Resolution Mapping Technique Unveils Brain's Complex Networking
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Scientists at the Gladstone Institutes and the Salk Institute have found a way to untangle the complex neural networks of the brain by using an innovative brain-tracing technique.   Their findings offer new insight into how specific brain regions connect to each other, while also revealing clues as to what may happen, neuron by neuron, when these connections are disrupted.  

UK Brewery Launches First Twitter Crowdsourced Beer #Mashtag  | 
A new beer from the Scottish brewery, Brew Dog in UK has reportedly been crowdsourced via Twitter.   The company let their fans on Twitter, Facebook, and their blog decides both the name and other elements of the beer, Fox News reports.   The result of the 'tweet-sourcing' was an American Brown Ale made from New Zealand with a respectable 7.5 percent ABV and named '#Mashtag.'  

Tablet Sales On the Rise as PC's Become Less Preferred
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The combined worldwide shipments of PCs, tablets and mobile phones are anticipated to jump 5.9 percent to cross 2.35 billion units in 2013, a new report has revealed.   Tablet shipments are expected to be the major beneficiaries with a projected 67.9 percent growth at 202 million, along with the mobile phone market, which is projected to rise by 4.3 percent to more than 1.8 billion units, Enterprise Innovation reports.  

5 New Technologies That Make Me Excited
5 New Technologies That Make Me Excited   The acceleration of technological development shows no signs of slowing down. There are amazing new technologies coming out every year that are shaking the foundations of our civilization. In the last few decades, the booming of the Information Age has transformed our worlds. There is no-telling what new technologies will be released in the future, but here are five amazing technologies that make me excited right now.   1. Google Glass  

Chocolate 'Highs' Can Be Seen in the Eyes
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A new study has found that the brain's pleasure response to tasting food can be measured through the eyes using a common, low-cost ophthalmological tool.   If validated, this method could be useful for research and clinical applications in food addiction and obesity prevention. Check out some fitness products with Rediff Shopping.  

Are You Frustate Of People Stares At You? Now A Dress That Responds to Stares!
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A fashion designer has created a dress that contorts and lights up when someone gazes at it.   Ying Gao told Dezeen that she used an eye-tracking system in the dress dubbed (No)Where (Now)Here, which makes the dresses move when someone stares at it, Discovery News reported.   She said that the system can also turn off the lights then the dresses illuminate. Check out some amazing collection of Anarkali Dresses Online with Rediff Shopping Online.  

Tumblr Founder Calls Twitter 'Gross'
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Social networking website Tumblr's founder Dabid Karp has reportedly called microblogging site Twitter's display of number of followers for every tweet as 'gross'.   According to the New York Post, Karp slammed Twitter for over emphasizing on statistics related to the number of followers adding that Tumblr is not defined by the people one knows, but the kind of stuff that people love.  

Indian Monsoon's Daily Variability To Increase Under Global Warming: Study
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Indian monsoon's daily variability is likely to increase under future global warming, a new study has revealed.   Computer simulations with a comprehensive set of 20 state-of-the-art climate models were used to derive the likelihood of Indian monsoon to be all the more erratic in near future.   The study conducted by Anders Levermann and Arathy Menon, have found that the 'increased variability' translates into potentially severe impacts on people who cannot afford additional loss.  


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