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Outlook for Salesforce is Great, But Lacking in One Major Aspect  | provides two email syncing and logging tools for free:  Outlook for Salesforce and Gmail for Salesforce.  Curiously, these software plug-ins violate their  basic promise of “No Software”.  As the leading cloud technology company in the world, I would have thought that would have developed a solution to connect the their cloud with the email cloud.    Cloud solutions work with every email platform and device.

New iPhone 5S Rumoured to be Coming with Fingerprint Sensor for Security
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Software manufacturer Apple's much awaited flagship product, iPhone 5S, surrounded with a round of rumours is now speculated to have a fingerprint reader and along with it the company is also expected to release a cheaper and plastic version of the mobile phone.  

Eye-tracking Biometric Technology Can Bring Revolution in Password Authentication System: Study
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A recent study has revealed that eye-tracking technology could be vital for creating an authentication system that doesn't rely on passwords.   Passwords are still the most common electronic authentication systems, protecting everything from our bank accounts, laptops and email to health information, utility bills and, of course, our Facebook profiles.  

 What Men's Shoes Reveal to Women? Things You Must Read
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 Women can find a lot of things just by looking at a man's shoes, a survey has revealed.   A pair of loafers tells women that a man is image conscious. When they see these footwears they know that it is possible that the man will have a better skin-care routine than them.  

US Military Develops 'Blimp-in-a-Box' for Surveillance
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The US military has reportedly developed a surveillance blimp that fits in a box which can be loaded onto the back of a truck trailer.   According to Fox News, World Surveillance Group Inc. was awarded 605,000 dollars contract for the device from the Department of Defense.   CEO of World Surveillance Group, Glen Estrella said that the company has delivered two blimps to an army base and in next few months the military will decide if it wants more.  

Grandparents' Class Influences Social Ladder Mobility of Grandkids
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A new study suggests that the position of grandparents in the British class system has a direct effect on which class their grandchildren belong to.   It has long been accepted that parents' social standing has a strong influence on children's education, job prospects, and earning power.  

Yahoo to Shut Establishing Search Site AltaVista
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Internet Corporation, Yahoo is reportedly going to shut down the services of pioneering search site AltaVista on 8 July.   AltaVista was hugely popular when it was launched in 1995 because it had indexed 20 million webpages and developed its own 'crawler' technology that did the job of finding webpages and logging what was on them, reports BBC.   Yahoo had acquired the AltaVista technology, index and name when it bought ad firm Overture in 2003.  

Intergalactic Magnifying Glasses Could Help Map Galaxy Centers
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A team of astronomers may have discovered a new way through which they can map quasars - the energetic and luminous central regions which are often found in distant galaxies.   In a large scale survey using the Pan-STARRS telescope on Hawaii, Andy Lawrence of the University of Edinburgh and his team studied millions of galaxies to search for this rare effect. They did find flare-ups but with very different behavior to the 'star shredding' predictions.  

New Device Detects Bacteria's Presence Within Minutes
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Researchers at EPFL have built a matchbox-sized device that can test the presence of bacteria in a couple of minutes, instead of up to several weeks.   A nano-lever vibrates in the presence of bacterial activity, while a laser reads the vibration and translates it into an electrical signal that can be easily read-the absence of a signal signifies the absence of bacteria.  

11 Really Dumb Things You Do With Your Email
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Our email is the simplest and most common vulnerable thing to spying eyes.   Adam Levin, founder of and Identity Theft 911, has given 11 steps not to do with e-mail and doing which will make us vulnerable to cyber thieves, ABC News reported.   Firstly, he said that a person should never check their e-mail on an unsafe network, as a computer in an Internet cafe, library or any other business may be infected with malware to steal your passwords.  


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