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Apple products like iPhone, iPad, iPod look pretty eye-catching. What if you lose your files because of an accidental deletion? Or loss of data due to damage to the device or a crash or iOS upgrade? In these situations you are always ready to pay for the expensive price to recover data but may not be affordable for every user.    

MoboRobo - A Powerful Tool To Manage Android Smartphones  | 
When it comes to managing your smartphone from your computer, both iOS devices and Windows phone devices have a upper hand when compared to Android as both of them have their own desktop management tools - iTunes for iOS and Zune for Windows. However there have been some software developers who have taken this opportunity to create a powerful management software for Android smartphones. MoboRobo is one of the most comprehensive and all-in-one desktop management tool for Android.  

Wingnity is Reshaping IT Career through New Advanced Learning Mode  | 
The growth of Information Technology have redefined new paradigm in regard to education and training domain. Earlier an individual has to complete an engineering degree in computer science to apply to an IT organization. With the course of time and with the increase and diversification of technology at titanic rate, the primary criteria of recruitment in an IT sector also enabled amendment of their policy to keep the pace.  

5 Things You Should Not Leave Your House Without  | 
When you leave home, there are five essential things that you must carry for the sake of your safety, comfort and convenience. They have an unmistakeable impact on your self confidence.   Check out these 5 must when you are out for business, leisure, travel, shopping or for any reason. They are useful ,essential and will never put you middle of nowhere when something goes wrong.

online event management
So, you own an event management company but are not so sure how you should sell the tickets? Should you follow the traditional path and open small offices across cities to sell tickets or is it better to shift the entire process online? If you are facing a dilemma to decide, start reading the following points to understand the problems of manual ticket booking and how an online ticketing software can help you avoid those issues.   Problems of manual ticket selling  

With technology advances, all the sectors are adapting to make itself IT-enabled. On the other hand with a considerable outburst of cloud technology, these sectors are slowly moving to the cloud in order to tap the benefits of flexibility and 24/7 availability.   Cloud & Healthcare - A long way to go  

If you are looking to buy a car, and want to strike a good deal, you should know that there are certain days and months of the year when that's most likely to happen. Here are some tips on what the best time to buy a car is.   Is summer when there are the most deals? Or perhaps is winter best?  

Apple Expected to Announce iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S Today
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Apple is all set to launch its latest iPhone 5S along with a cheaper model at Tuesday's double launch event in Cupetino, which will also be shown to a select group of guests in China via satellite link.   The tech giant is expected to launch the latest version of its flagship in two models; one would be the standard model, while the other would be a cheaper iPhone 5C model with a tough plastic back and come in multiple colours.  

Going Deaf From Blaring Earphones May Soon be History for Noise Junkies
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Scientists have discovered a compound that could help keep the ear safe from noise-related damage.   Xiaorui Shi, M.D., Ph.D., study author from the Department of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery at the Oregon Hearing Research Center at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, Oregon, said that noise-induced hearing loss, with accompanying tinnitus and sound hypersensitivity is a common condition which leads to communication problems and social isolation.  

How Marine Life Adapts to Acidification of Oceans Revealed
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A study into marine life around an underwater volcanic vent in the Mediterranean, may hold the key to understanding how some species will be able to survive the acidifying of sea water should anthropogenic climate change continue.   Researchers found that some species of polychaete worms are able to modify their metabolic rates to better cope with and thrive in waters high in carbon dioxide (CO2), which is otherwise poisonous to other, often closely-related species.  


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