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What Role Do Colors Play in Web Designing?

Various website designs make use of colored themes to depict the mood of the website and also bring life to a boring website. Colors excite the human senses as a scientific study revealed that a person living in a red colored room has a higher blood pressure than the one living in a blue colored room. Often some businesses underestimate the importance of colors in their company website and only use text and links; this however hardly works in attracting customers.


Hence, the reasons mentioned below will clear the air about the role that colors play in web designing.


1.    Stimulate senses: Colors stimulate the senses, excite people and makes them feel tranquility and warmth. According to a study in chromodynamics, red color excites a person. The red color on the traffic light makes the commuter aware that they need to stop. The first thing that a person will notice when visiting a website is notice the color used in it.


2.    Communication Medium: Colors also help in communicating with the users. For e.g. a minor visiting a website filled with violent or inappropriate content is always provided with a warning having a red cross to let them know that they are not eligible for what lies behind the sign.


3.    Professionalism: What will be your response when you visit a website that has a dull colored theme and continuous text? Probably, you will never visit that website again. Colors also help in depicting how professionally one has worked while making the website for anyone be it a business venture or an upcoming product.


All the various colors used for web designing depict a separate mood for the website and this can be detailed as below.


1.    Yellow: This color helps in depicting cheerfulness, happiness and hope. However, since it is too bright so should never be overused while designing a website.


2.    Red: It represents love and passion, in the professional world it is used to convey a warning and while web designing it is used to stop the user from proceeding further.


3.    White: A great option for designing business websites, this represents purity, cleanliness and truthfulness.


4.    Blue: The best color to provide a professional look to the website as this represents trust and dignity.


5.    Green: This color can be noticed on websites of stock exchange and those related to money as it represents freedom and growth.


6.    Grey: An excellent option to be used as a background color and easy to blend in with the other colors, grey symbolizes security and earnestness.


7.    Purple: The favorite color of the artistic community, this symbolizes royalty, creativity and has no meaning in professional world.


8.    Orange: Used for websites related to the food industry, this color represents warmth and pleasure.


9.    Pink: This is used where the target audience is female or youth and teenagers. It represents innocence and cuteness.


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