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Use Different Features of Advanced System Optimizer 3 for PC Optimization

Getting the right and reliable PC system utility tool can be considered as a challenging and difficult task. This is because there are lots of tools available in the market to choose from, performing the optimization process for computers. If you want an easy to use software tool, then the Advanced System Optimizer 3 is a perfect option. All you need to do is to run one scan for finding all the errors on your computer or laptop.  It is an easy to one click solution to repair all of those errors.


If you are going to scan your computer, finding the issues with this software coupons tool is an easy solution and takes only a few minutes to complete the process. In any case, if you are interested in performing an instant, custom or deep scan, then you can also do the same. This software tool has the more parts and also consists of the main control panel, which provides eight specific areas. This software has a different set of features to offer. Take a look at the below mentioned features or parts of this software tool to use:


Registry Optimizer


It optimizes and cleans the computer’s Windows registry. The Optimizer and Disk Cleaner provide a startup optimizer and system cleaner. There is also a Windows Optimizer, which is responsible for handling the driver updates and setting a computer up to play the games.


Backup and Recovery


Under this section, there is a file backup and also the System Backup. There is also an undeleter that can manage recovery from those areas or partitions, where a deletion occurred accidentally. This section will perform the recovery process in an easy and quick manner. What would you get? You can get all the files or documents that are eventually deleted from the partitions.


Security and Privacy


Under this category, you can get the protection against different malware and AV. It is capable of controlling the browser security. It also offers the file encryption and shredding feature. You can perform the quick malware scan in just in a couple of minutes, even in half a minute. When you are going to follow the deep scan process, it is slower than usual, might take more than an hour to complete the process.




With the Advanced System Optimizer 3 backups, you can perform the backup process for different things, including pictures, documents, individual files and many others. Folders are also included in the backup category section of the software tool. There is a simple scheduler that is responsible for automating one or more backup task in a set-and-forget way. You are unable to schedule the backup tasks more often than once a day, however.


How to get it?


There is an option for a free scan version of this tool. So, if you are new to this tool, you can try out its free trial version. If it seems effective for your PC, then you can buy it from the official site of the provider at the competitive rates.


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