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99designs Vs. Designhill – Which is The Best Logo Design Contest Website?

Logo is an essential part of a brand’s image. The design of your company's logo can say a lot about your company and leave a lasting impression on your clients, customers, affiliates and even competitors. But finding a logo that can take elements of your brand and showcase it to the world in a way that’s even more awesome often proves to be too daunting and too pricey a task. However, with the growing number of crowdsourcing sites, it’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility. Logo design contest on such crowdsourcing sites offer countless opportunities for source a creative, unique and durable logo without breaking a bank.


But, the Internet simply teems with an ocean of such graphic design marketplaces. And each one of them seems to be in a maddening frenzy of creating personalized and memorable experience for users. And given the sheer multiplicity of such crowdsourcing sites, it may prove to be daunting for anyone to choose the best site to launch a logo design contest. In order to pick the best one amongst the pack, you’ll need to carefully compare the popularity, pricing policy and features of all available options before making a decision. To make things easier for you, here we present to you a quick comparison between 99Designs and Designhill, two of the most popular crowdsourcing sites available on the Internet.


But before we proceed any further, let us give you quick introduction of these two sites.


99Designs – Headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Melbourne, Berlin, Paris, London and Rio de Janeiro, 99Designs is by far the largest and the most popular online graphic design marketplace. Since its inception in the year 2008, a community of 1,000,000 talented designers registered with 99Designs has helped 420,000 businesses source quality graphic designs at affordable prices. 99Designs has a huge blog library to help its vast community of graphic designers. 


Designhill –Designhill is one of the fastest-growing custom design and is second to none in popularity. In just over a year of its inception, the company has helped 2000+ businesses source unique, creative and affordable graphic designs and has paid out more than $60000 to its ever-growing community of 27,000+ graphic designers, logo designers, visual artists and illustrators from all over the world. Apart from blogs and articles, Designhill regularly develops fresh and thought-provoking interactive content such as quizzes, microsites, interactive infographics, white papers, case studies, etc. Some of its interactive content has been featured on popular sites such as Forbes, business2community, & in the recent past.


Here’s a quick comparison of the two companies in terms of overall attributes.



99 Designs


Open for Businesses that Want

Quick, affordable and high-quality logo designs.

A good option to work with a pool of talented designers to get logo design without having to spend too much. It is a bit cheaper than 99 Designs


Readymade logos available for $99. Lowest package to launch a logo design contest is priced at $299.

Readymade logos available for $99. Lowest package to launch a logo design contest is priced at $99.

Logo Design Quality



Designer Network

1,000,000 designers

27000+ designers (The numbers are increasing on a daily basis)

Time to Create Logo

1-2 weeks

7 days

Average User Reviews



Average Design Submissions

For Bronze logo design contest package priced at $299, you can expect 30+ designs entries.

For Fast Track logo design contest priced at $99, you can expect 30+ designs entries.

Other Services/Options

Web design, packaging design, t-shirt design, business card design, and much more. There are total 40+ categories to choose from.

Web design, banner design, brochure design, flyer design, business card design, advertisement and much more. There are total 40+ categories to choose from.


Price Comparison


The services of design agencies or freelance graphic designers don’t come cheap. But with crowdsourcing sites, you can get logos at figures significantly lower than what design agencies charge these days. So, if you’ve got a limited budget, crowdsourcing sites fit the bill to a tee. Here, you can choose your own budget. However, each site stipulates a minimum budget requirement. Remember, as a general rule, the higher your budget is, the more design concepts you’ll will receive in response to your project. So, let’s quickly compare and see how much does it cost to run a logo design contest on these two sites.



99 Designs


Minimum Package 

$299 (Bronze)

$99 (Fast Track)

Standard Package

$499 (Silver)

$199 (Normal)

Premium Package

$1199 (Platinum)

$399 (Premium)


From the chart above, it’s clear that Designhill is the least pricey option in terms of minimum contest budget. The table below provides a detailed info of the cost and the average number of design entries. 


Average Design Submissions



Bronze ($299)

Silver ($499)

Gold ($799)

Platinum ($1199)


Designs Expected

30 designs

60 designs

90 designs

60 designs


Designers Expected

No information

No information

No information

No information


Average Design Submissions



Fast Track ($99)

Normal ($199)

Executive ($299)

Premium ($399)


Designs Expected






Designers Expected








This chart clearly reveals that Designhill steals the show when it comes to getting the best bang for your bucks. All packages include commissions. But both these sites haven’t disclosed the commission they charge for each contest. However, a blog published at logo contest reviews reveals that 99Designs charges a 20% of the total paid by the contest holder as commission. This comes to approximately $60 for its standard bronze package. On the other hand, Designhill doesn’t charge any commission for its Fast-Track contests priced at $99 and for its ‘Normal’ package priced at $199, it charges a $40 commission. With its packages and the commission, Designhill proves to be a much cheaper option as compared to 99Designs.


Feature Comparison


It’s not just price that you should consider when mulling over the vest site to launch a logo design contest. You must also do well to check out the additional features offered by each site. From contest upgrade to valuable add-ons, almost every crowdsourcing site offers a set of standard features. While some of these features are actually helpful for users, others are just tricks to extract more money from the contest holders. So, it makes sense to be careful when selecting feature upgrades for your logo design contest. Here, we’ve listed a feature chart for 99Designs and Designhill along with the prices to make it easy for you to select upgrades for your logo design contests.



99 Designs


Blind Contest 



Private Upgrade



Featured Upgrade



Set Contest Duration 



Invite Designers 



Highlight Contest








All aforementioned features/upgrades make for additional profit for these sites as none of it goes to the freelance logo designers. If you add up all the features/upgrades at 99designs, you end up paying $235 more over your base package price. On the other hand, when you add the price of all the features/upgrades offered by Designhill, it amounts to $140, which is cheaper when compared to 99Designs.




Both these sites have already garnered much fame and reputation in the industry. Each site boasts of a long list of happy and satisfied customers. So you really can’t go wrong when selecting any one of them for your logo design contest. However, after this detailed analysis and comparison, Designhill proves to be a much cheaper and better option.


It charges the lowest fees and offers access to maximum design entries and designers in a logo design contest. With lowest logo design contest package priced at $99, your hard-earned money will probably be best utilized with this company. In addition, Designhill’s elaborate policies, quality guidelines and money back policy make it praiseworthy candidate.


So, if you’re looking for a custom logo design to compete with established and long-time brands, is your best bet.


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