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Firefox 20th Version Patches 11 Serious Flaws
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Firefox, in its 20th version, has patched 11 potentially catastrophic security flaws, while introducing a few privacy and convenience features for the average user.   Some of the flaws patched - like modified image files from the Cairo graphics library, or Mesa graphics drivers causing WebGL to crash on Linux systems - were quite dangerous, but fairly obscure. Others - such as shared permissions between tabs, issues with updater authorization and memory corruption while loading grayscale images - were potentially much more troublesome, reports Fox News.

Facebook Unveiled New Software On Android Gadgets
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Social networking giant Facebook has unveiled a new software on Android gadgets with the aim of making its site the hub of people's mobile experiences.   Facebook introduced 'Home' that makes the social network the hub of any smartphone running Google's Android operating system.   The idea behind the software is to bring Facebook content right to the home screen, rather than requiring users to check apps.  

Google Glass: First Invites Sent Out to Explorer Competition Winners
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Google has chosen 8,000 people, including celebrities and tech opinion formers, who will get the chance to test its much-awaited 'wearable computer' Glass.   Those who wanted to become 'Glass Explorers' had a week in February to submit their reasons why they should, in 50 words, via Google or Twitter.   They were also asked to pay 1,500 dollars and collect their Glass frames from Los Angeles, San Francisco or New York.  

Google's Powerful New Marketing Tool: Think Insights
It is Google’s online destination for marketing insight. The marketers and agencies will be greatly benefited in the future by this Google’s massive source of information that will be their constant source of the latest information on digital market research. Google will provide the fruits of their latest market research on leading relevant industry based cases with pertinent strategic perspective and advise with expert innovative suggestions.  

Google Shopping Express: Unlimited Same-Day Home Delivery Service
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Google has launched a new service, calling for San Francisco Bay Area residents to sign up for six months of free, unlimited same-day delivery of purchases from national and local retailers.   The company is calling the program 'a new experiment', and named it the Google Shopping Express.   According to Fox News, users can browse in an online storefront and then select a delivery window for a 'Google courier partner' to arrive at their home later that day.  

Google Improves Street Views Displays Inside Japan Nuclear Zone
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Concrete rubble litters streets lined with shuttered shops and dark windows. A collapsed roof just  from the ground. A ship sits stranded on a stretch of dirt flattened when the tsunami roared across the coastline. There isn't a person in sight.  

Google Also Planning Launch Android Smart Watch To Complete With Its Rivals
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Internet search giant Google's Andorid team is reportedly working on a smart watch that would compete with Apple's iWatch. The reported Google device is separate from the samsung smartwatch, which the Korean firm this week confirmed that it is working on.  

 New Milestione For Youtube: Celebrates One Billion Users Per Month Mark
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Google's video sharing site YouTube has said that it has over one billion people watching videos every month.   "If YouTube were a country, we'd be the third largest in the world after China and India," the team of YouTube said in a blog.   YouTube added professional content, such as full-length television shows and movies to its basket of amateur video contributions in a bid to attract advertisers.  

Television Is The Most Common Subject Matter Words on Twitter
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 Nearly 40 percent of posts on micro blogging platform Twitter are about what is on the TV, a report has said.   The Twitter statistic was uncovered in a survey into viewing habits of British users. It showed that while people are watching more television, they have fewer traditional TV sets, as they choose to watch more on smartphones and tablets.  

Pinterest Unleashes New Website Design With Larger Image and Repins
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Pinterest has launched its new design to the general public were they made some slight changes to the design of the website and discoverability features.   The redesign, which the site started testing with users in January, however, is not a drastic change. The site still has the big photos laid out in a grid, but along the top of the homescreen is a new navigation bar.  


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