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Twitter Launched New Digital Music Service
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Micro blogging platform Twitter has released a new music service that will allow songs to be played directly in the app via services such as Rdio, Spotify and iTunes.   The service will let people hear previews of songs, log in to streaming services and 'detect and surface' the most-discussed music and musicians on the social networing site.  

Twitter Can Easily Teach People About Social Movements: Study
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Micro blogging site Twitter can easily teach people about social movements such as Occupy Wall Street and even entice them to participate, a new study has revealed.   Benjamin Gleason reports in the journal American Behavioral Scientist reports in the journal American Behavioral Scientist that Twitter can actually be a better source of information than traditional news sources and online search engines.  

Facebook Chat Heads: Now Rolling Out on iPhone and iPads
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Social networking giant Facebook has updated its iPhone and iPad applications that would allow people to keep using its chat feature even when they are doing other activities on the site.   Facebook announced that it's bringing its "chat heads" feature to its Apple apps. It's called chat heads because friends' profile photos pop up when they send you a message, Fox News reports.  

PTI  | 
'Cloud-based security services mkt to reach $4.2 bn by 2016'.  Nearly 10 per cent of overall enterprise product capabilities are likely to be delivered through cloud and the cloud-based security services market will reach USD 4.2 billion by 2016, Gartner said today. These services are also driving changes in the market landscape, particularly around a number of key security technology areas, such as secure email and secure Web gateways, remote vulnerability assessment, and Identity and Access Management (IAM), it said.  

Excess Use Of Social Media & Texting Leads To Poor Academic Performance
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The widespread use of media among college students, from texting to chatting on cell phones to posting status updates on Facebook, may be taking an academic toll, researchers with The Miriam Hospital's Centers for Behavioral and Preventive Medicine have said.   According to a new study, freshmen women spend nearly half their day, 12 hours, engaged in some form of media use, particularly texting, music, the Internet and social networking.  

Now, New Technology That Allows Users To Hide Secret Messages In Facebook Pics
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A new technology will now enable Facebook users to encode secret messages in the pictures they upload on the social networking website.   The creator of the technology is Owen-Campbell Moore - an Oxford University student and former Google intern.   Moore's plugin, titled "Secret book", lets facebook users share messages hidden in JPEG images without the prying eyes of others, reports  

Mass Mobilization Through Social Media Has High Risk Of Failure
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Social networks have served to mobilize volunteers during natural disasters, political campaigns, health emergencies, etc., but the strategy of using such sites for coordinating people in critical situations has high risk of failure, a study has said.   Using recent results of the spacio-temporal structure of social networks and experimental data the researchers have demonstrated that social networks can be a very useful tool for coordinating in emergency, but have found that the risk of failure for this strategy is high.

Wikileaks Founder Assange - Launches Own Search Engine That Rivals Google
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WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has unveiled the new search engine, which is a portal to an archive of 1.7 million US diplomatic cables.   The search engine named PLUS D (The Public Library of United States Diplomacy), includes 250,000 leaked State Department cables that were made public during Cablegate, the time in US history where memos of Henry Kissinger's time as US Secretary of State were made public.   Over 251,000 of those cables relate to events or communications between 2003-2010, reports.  

New Internet meme based on video game 'Street Fighter
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The Japanese photo craze hadouken, where people imitate midair fight from video game Street Fighter is the latest meme to hit the Internet since the 'Harlem Shake.'   In hadouken, participants click images of themselves where they imitate midair fight moves and then post the shots online.   The viral trend started with the schoolgirls in Japan, but has since taken on a life of its own.  

Social Media Playing Crucial Role In Business Connections
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How popular you are on social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter is becoming increasingly important, as companies now look for well-connected and influential people to bring firepower to their brands.   Digital experts have said socialmedia and recruitment now largely go hand in hand.  


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