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Twitter Users Should Strategize Their Tweets To Attract More Followers: Study
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Twitter users need to strategize their tweets to attract more followers, a new research has revealed.   The study focussed on tactics such as not taking about oneself, being happy, using less of symbols as measures that can help enhance twitter follower figures.   The assistant professor in Georgia Tech's School of Interactive Computing Eric Gilbert has found that 41 percent twitter users talk about themselves, which draws followers away.  

Google Glass Can Pose Serious Threat to User Privacy
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London, May 2 (ANI): Google Glass poses security threats as the wearable computer developed by the search giant does not have any PIN or authentication system, hackers have revealed.   Hackers may be able to exploit Google Glass' 'root capability', which is enabled by attaching it to a desktop computer and running some commands, allowing them to access the user's information, the Guardian reports.  

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The Mozilla Foundation, which provides internet's most popular browser, Firefox, has alleged that surveillance software company Gamma International Ltd. has hijacked the Firefox brand to secretly sell their electronic espionage products.   Several samples of Gamma's FinFisher spy software have been found by researchers who claim that the software is sold in disguise of a Firefox file to convince computer users into believing that the virus is harmless.  

Facebook To Delete Decapitation Videos Following Charities' Pressure
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Facebook has said it will delete videos of people being decapitated that are on its site following pressure from charities.   The social networking site said they will remove instances of these videos that are reported to them while they evaluate their policy and approach to this type of content.   According to the BBC, the social network had previously refused to ban the clips, saying that people had a right to depict the 'world in which we live'.  

Facebook Losing Its Market Share in Bigger Market Like US and UK  | 
Facebook has lost millions of users per month in its biggest markets, new data have suggested.   The downfall comes as alternative social networks are attracting the attention of those looking for fresh online playgrounds.   Though Facebook has lost millions of users, it is still growing fast in South America. Monthly visitors in Brazil were up by six percent in the last month to 70m.   In India the social networking site has seen a four percent rise to 64 million.

ANI  | 
Facebook Inc. has said that an independent audit, following its settlement with the Federal Trade Commission, has found its privacy services sufficient under a six-month assessment.   The audit that was a mandatory part of Facebook's settlement with FTC also resolved the earlier charges on the networking company that it exposed the details about its users' lives without any legal approval, reports.  

Psy's New Video 'Gentleman' gets Record 200m Views in 10 days on Youtube
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PSY continues to set records on YouTube, with his new single "Gentleman," earning 38 million views in a single day as it set a blistering pace to 200 million views.   The video-sharing website's trends manager Kevin Allocca said that the video was viewed 38 million times on April 14, surpassing the single-day record of 30 million set by the short film 'KONY 2012', the Independent reported.  

Motivations Behind Social Media Platform - "Pinterest" activities: Study
Gender plays significant roles among Pinterest users, a recent study has revealed.   Eric Gilbert at Georgia Tech's School of Interactive Computing and Professor Loren Terveen at the University of Minnesota have reported their findings based on a statistical analysis of motivations behind Pinterest activities and the factors distinguishing Pinterest from other social networking sites.  

Facebook Home Surpasses Over 500,000 Installs In One Week  | 
Facebook's new Home app, which was launched on April 4 exclusively for Android phones, has been downloaded over 500,000 times from the Google Play store.   The free-to-download app replaces the phone's home screen with a Facebook feed and chat options.  

Few Small And Medium Businesses In India Are Online: Google
PTI  | 
Just half a million of India's nearly 40 million small and medium business enterprises (SMBs) are leveraging the low-cost online medium to expand their consumer base, a top official from search giant Google said. "India has about 40 million small and medium businesses (SMBs) of which only around 500,000 are online. This figure needs to rise if these entities want to reach their consumers at lowest cost and raise their profits," Google Asia Pacific President Karim Temsamani told reporters here.  


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