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Social Network Addiction Taking Over Lives: Australian Study
ANI  | 
The 2013 Yellow Social Media Report has analyzed that a growing number of Australians are using social network at an addictive rate wherever they can, even in toilet cubicles!   According to the study, three out of every five internet users are accessing these sites more than five times a day, making it a total of seven hours a day.   In a report by, the study found that the time spent by Australians for social media usage has gone up this year, as smartphones have become the most popular way of accessing social media.  

Warner's Twitter Rant Sparked by 'Sreesanth-linking' Omage on IPL Article
ANI  | 
Australian Test batsman David Warner was reportedly enraged by a picture linking him to spot-fixing suspect S.Sreesanth in an article by cricket journalist Robert Craddock into corruption in the Indian Premier League (IPL), which led him to insult Craddock and his co-scribe Malcolm Conn on Twitter.  

Chinese Hackers Resume Cyber Attacks On U.S. Companies, Government Agencies  | 
Chinese hackers have resumed attacks on America three months after hackers, who worked for a cyber unit of China's People's Liberation Army, went silent amid evidence that they had stolen data from scores of American companies and government agencies.   The hackers appear to have resumed their attacks using different techniques, according to computer industry security experts and American officials.  

 9 Simple Tips To Secure Your Facebook Account On Mobiles
ANI  | 
How To Secure Your Facebook Account From Hacking And Theft? It's a very serious question as today, we have been too much open to mobile world.     Mobile has made access to Facebook much easier, but the social networking site has also become susceptible to attempted hijackings and attempted thefts on cell phones.   Here are a few ways to make sure that the most popular site is safe from being hacked.  

Amazon Pays Mere 2.4 Million Pounds Tax On 4.3 Billion Pounds Sales
ANI  | 
Amazon's UK subsidiary has paid 2.4 million pounds as corporate tax as it earned sales worth 4.3 billion pounds last year.   Amazon's tax contribution is relatively low compared to its sale profits which it earns not only from its UK subsidiary but also via a Luxembourg affiliate, the BBC reports.   Dubbing Amazon's tax payments as 'pathetic', Labour MP Nick Smith has said that HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) must check the company's tax arrangements meticulously.  | 
Are you looking for Video Sites Better Than Youtube? Is there any other more entertaining world of streaming videos online? The answer is ‘yes’, there are more other options available and some of them are even better than YouTube. Here is a small list of free video sharing sites like YouTube, once you check them may be like many others you will also consider some of them are more entertaining and attractive than You Tube.   Rediff iShare  

Microsoft Windows 8 Update For Free Later This Year
ANI  | 
Microsoft has announced that it will offer the update to its latest version of Windows 8 later this year for free. The latest OS has not been able to strike a hit with the users.   Windows 8 has glitches that were to be addressed with the inclusion of an update earlier code named Windows 'Blue'.   The announcement of 'Blue' was made after customers complained of complexity in the user interface and found it difficult to operate at the desktop platform.  

New Milestone: LinkedIn India Crosses 20 Million Member
ANI  | 
LinkedIn, the world's largest professional network, today announced its India member base has crossed the 20 million mark, gaining the critical mass significant enough to represent a world-class city full of professionals and students.   LinkedIn India's diverse "population" of 20 million comprises professionals at various stages of their careers, entrepreneurs and students, connected by a common interest - becoming even more successful and productive in the professional lives.  

Beaware: FB App 'Bang With Friends' May Let Out All Your Sex Secrets
ANI  | 
Facebook's controversial app 'Bang with friends' launched in January this year has no privacy settings to keep the user's interests, activities and likes 'private'.   'Bang with friends' is an app with which one can find out who all from their friend list is open for 'banging' and once the other person responds to the selection made by one user, the site sends a confirmation and the rest of the decision lies with the sender.  

Latest Waves of Cyber Attacks Targeting US Corporations  | 
A new wave of cyber attacks is being primarily aimed at American corporations, the sources of which seem to emanate from the Middle East.   The attackers' motive seems to be not just spying, but also sabotaging of control systems of energy companies.   The attackers are yet to be identified as to whether they are state sponsored or private hackers or criminals.  


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