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Twitter may become Advertising Broadcast Medium: Study
ANI  | 
Popular social media and microblogging site Twitter may soon turn into a broadcast medium like television or radio with the users merely reading the tweets rather than posting their own tweet messages, a recent study has revealed.   A first study, which used social media as a laboratory for social science experiments, tried to answer what motivated people to tweet whether it is broadcasting their thoughts or opinions or simply to accumulate followers.  

Social Media Site Facebook Has Agreed to Revise its Content Policies.
ANI  | 
In response to protests and campaigns carried out by advocacy groups and advertisers, social media site Facebook has agreed to revise its content policies.   Campaigns by the U.S.-based Women, Action and Media, and the Everyday Sexism Project, a UK based Twitter feed, have demanded the removal of supposedly humorous content endorsing rape and domestic violence.   Protests arose when photographs endorsing rape and domestic violence circulated on the social media site.  

Campaign Against FB For Hate Speech Gains Momentum Online
ANI  | 
Online protestors demanding strict action from Facebook with regard to its content policies has gained large support and compelled the Social Media site to review content guidelines.   Posts that degrade women, or endorse rape and domestic violence have been frequent on the social media site following which the online protest began.  

New Facial Recognition Software Released For Google Glass
ANI  | 
A Californian software developer has released a new facial recognition software for Google's high-tech eyewear.   In a report by Fox news, Lambda Lambs Software has developed the new software which allows the wearer of Google Glass to instantly scan the face of an individual and get information about the person's name and other vital bits of data contained in the app against a computer database.  

What Makes People Appreciate Good Works of Art? How to Recognize the Best Art
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It is not only your own innate taste, but also what you have been taught that decides if you like a work of art, according to an Australian-Norwegian research team.   Have you experienced seeing a painting or a play that has left you with no feelings whatsoever, whilst a friend thought it was beautiful and meaningful?  

Music, Lighting Can Be Used To Trigger Mobile Malware
Scientists, including one of Indian-origin, have uncovered new hard-to-detect methods involving music, lighting or vibration that criminals may use to trigger mobile device malware.  

Yahoo Eyeing Online TV Service Hulu After Tumblr Purchase
ANI  | 
After purchasing Tumblr for a whopping 1.1 billion dollars, Yahoo has reportedly filed a bid for online TV service Hulu, which has revenue of 700 million dollars.  

Google to add Galapagos Islands to Street View
ANI  | 
Google has gathered images of the beauty and biological diversity of the Galapagos Islands for use on its Street View.   The search engine sent trekkers with 42lbs backpacks containing cameras mounted on towers to wander and click pictures of forgotten island.   According to the Mirror, divers also got 360 degree views of underwater areas around the islands that sparked Charles Darwin's theory of evolution.   The website is processing the footage and will be uploaded by later this year, the report added. (ANI)  

Google Boss Warns Students Against 'Censorship Of Net' And 'Digital Ethnic Cleansing'
ANI  | 
Google's executive chairman Eric Schmidt and director of Google Ideas Jared Cohen have warned London School of Economics students against censorship on the internet and the dangers that 'digital ethnic cleansing' pose.   Sky News quoted Schmidt, as saying that people will omit data if they want to restrict communication and information.   He, however, agreed that any piece of information cannot be completely concealed for a long time.  

Majority Of Teenagers Now Flocking To Twitter As Facebook Enthusiasm Wanes: Study
ANI  | 
Teenagers are now turning to Twitter as their enthusiasm for Facebook is waning, a new study has found.   The new report from the Pew Research Centre in America showed that teenagers "have waning enthusiasm" for Facebook, and increasingly seen as a burden.   The report cited a number of reasons for the decreased enthusiasm in Facebook, including an 'increasing number of adults on the site', the Independent reports.  


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