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Yahoo Follows Facebook and Microsoft in Publishing US Government Sought 'Snoop Data'
ANI  | 
Internet corporation Yahoo has followed the league of technological companies in publishing reports about 'snoop data' requests made by the US government.   According to the Guardian, Yahoo has revealed that it had received 12,000-13,000 requests, inclusive of criminal, Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), and other requests by the government between 1 December 2012 and 31 May 2013.  

Facebook Looking to Partner with Samsung to Boost Mobile Advertising Sales  | 
With the growing mobility of internet, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg discussed potential partnership with Samsung company's president Shin Jong Kyun during Mark Zuckerberg's Asia tour.   According to Bloomberg report, the partnership would reportedly focus on advancing mobile-advertising sales.   Facebook has been strongly encouraging advertising on mobile.   In April, Facebook Home had been launched by social networks.  

Yahoo to Decide Ad Charges Based on Social Media Influence
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Internet corporation Yahoo has filed a patent to make ad charges based social reputation of viewers measured in terms of their social media presence.   The patent would help advertisers bid against each other to target users based on the level of authority amongst their peers scored on terms of their social media influence, reports BBC.  

Assange Accuses No Friend of WikiLeaks Google of Complex Agenda
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WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in his keynote address at Sydney University, scathing in his attacks said that Google is not at his side and rather has a much more 'complex agenda'.   Assange through live streaming from Ecuadorian embassy gave his lecture at International Symposium of Electronic Arts Conference and called Google to be working in favour of the US government and project itself as its geopolitical visionary.  

Google to Pay Million Pounds to Charity Monitoring Online Child Porn  | 
Internet giant Google has pledged to donate 1 million sterling pounds to the British charity The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), which monitors online child porn.   IWF, an industry-funded organization that identifies and helps remove criminal content online, will be paid over four years and also allows the organization to hire five new staff, reports   According to the report, Google is the highest paying member along with other companies like Vodafone, Sky, Telephonica, BT, and EE.  

Facebook Introduces 'Clickable Hashtags' Linked to Topics of Discussions
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Social media giant Facebook has introduced 'clickable hashtags' (#), similar to those used in Twitter and Instagram, in order to allow users to identify the topics and search for them later.   According to, users will be able to follow the link through the hashtag and see a feed of discussions over the same topic. For example, #LadyGaga will lead to discussions and other search results to the same topic.  

New Smart Contact Lens Crammed With Google Glass-Like Tech
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Researchers have created a Google Glass-like device on a contact lens.   According to Technology Review, the team developed a "transparent, highly conductive, and stretchy mix of graphene and silver nanowires" that it then attached to an off-the-shelf soft contact lens to give it Google Glass-like features, Fox News reported.   The lenses were tested on rabbits because of similarities with the human eye and were found to be fully functional.  

ANI  | 
As male superb lyrebirds sing, they often move their bodies to the music in a choreographed way, adding evidence from human cultures around the world that music and dance are deeply intertwined activities.   "Like humans, male superb lyrebirds have different dance movements to go with different songs," Anastasia Dalziell of Australian National University, said.  

Mozilla to Debut Firefox Operating System for Smartphones  | 
Mozilla and Foxconn decide to work together in creating a new Smartphone and a tablet operating system designed specifically for easy internet browsing. Their main goal is to create an operating system and hardware that works harmoniously with each other to provide optimum user experience. Having a reliable Tablet PC nowadays is important especially for students and employees who can't function effectively without using a computer.

How To Find The Best Broadband Provider?  | 
When we come to choose our next broadband provider we want to ensure we get the absolute best we can. have stated that house prices can be elevated by up to 5% in homes with access to super fast broadband router.  There’s no doubt that our internet speeds are increasingly important to us these days. Our lifestyles are intertwined with broadband and many of us spend several hours a day on the internet.  


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