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Twitter may become Advertising Broadcast Medium: Study
ANI  | 
Popular social media and microblogging site Twitter may soon turn into a broadcast medium like television or radio with the users merely reading the tweets rather than posting their own tweet messages, a recent study has revealed.   A first study, which used social media as a laboratory for social science experiments, tried to answer what motivated people to tweet whether it is broadcasting their thoughts or opinions or simply to accumulate followers.  

Campaign Against FB For Hate Speech Gains Momentum Online
ANI  | 
Online protestors demanding strict action from Facebook with regard to its content policies has gained large support and compelled the Social Media site to review content guidelines.   Posts that degrade women, or endorse rape and domestic violence have been frequent on the social media site following which the online protest began.  

Majority Of Teenagers Now Flocking To Twitter As Facebook Enthusiasm Wanes: Study
ANI  | 
Teenagers are now turning to Twitter as their enthusiasm for Facebook is waning, a new study has found.   The new report from the Pew Research Centre in America showed that teenagers "have waning enthusiasm" for Facebook, and increasingly seen as a burden.   The report cited a number of reasons for the decreased enthusiasm in Facebook, including an 'increasing number of adults on the site', the Independent reports.  

Social Network Addiction Taking Over Lives: Australian Study
ANI  | 
The 2013 Yellow Social Media Report has analyzed that a growing number of Australians are using social network at an addictive rate wherever they can, even in toilet cubicles!   According to the study, three out of every five internet users are accessing these sites more than five times a day, making it a total of seven hours a day.   In a report by, the study found that the time spent by Australians for social media usage has gone up this year, as smartphones have become the most popular way of accessing social media.  

Warner's Twitter Rant Sparked by 'Sreesanth-linking' Omage on IPL Article
ANI  | 
Australian Test batsman David Warner was reportedly enraged by a picture linking him to spot-fixing suspect S.Sreesanth in an article by cricket journalist Robert Craddock into corruption in the Indian Premier League (IPL), which led him to insult Craddock and his co-scribe Malcolm Conn on Twitter.  

Beaware: FB App 'Bang With Friends' May Let Out All Your Sex Secrets
ANI  | 
Facebook's controversial app 'Bang with friends' launched in January this year has no privacy settings to keep the user's interests, activities and likes 'private'.   'Bang with friends' is an app with which one can find out who all from their friend list is open for 'banging' and once the other person responds to the selection made by one user, the site sends a confirmation and the rest of the decision lies with the sender.  

Facebook Can Make Moving on Difficult After Breakup
PTI  | 
Even though photos of your ex on Facebook can be deleted with just a click, the proliferation of social networking sites has made forgetting after a break-up a bigger chore, a new study has found.   "People are keeping huge collections of digital possessions," said Steve Whittaker, a psychology professor at UC Santa Cruz who specialises in human-computer interaction.   "There has been little exploration of the negative role of digital possessions when people want to forget aspects of their lives," said Whittaker.  

India, Brazil Help Facebook Expand User Base to 1.11 Billion
PTI  | 
An expanding user count in India and Brazil helped the world's largest social networking site facebook to increase its monthly active users (MAUs) to a whopping 1.11 billion in the first quarter of 2013.   The ubiquitous social networking platform's MAUs rose by 23 per cent in January-March quarter of 2013 compared to the year-ago period.   MAUs are a measure of the size of its global active user community.  

Psy's New Video 'Gentleman' gets Record 200m Views in 10 days on Youtube
ANI  | 
PSY continues to set records on YouTube, with his new single "Gentleman," earning 38 million views in a single day as it set a blistering pace to 200 million views.   The video-sharing website's trends manager Kevin Allocca said that the video was viewed 38 million times on April 14, surpassing the single-day record of 30 million set by the short film 'KONY 2012', the Independent reported.  

Motivations Behind Social Media Platform - "Pinterest" activities: Study
Gender plays significant roles among Pinterest users, a recent study has revealed.   Eric Gilbert at Georgia Tech's School of Interactive Computing and Professor Loren Terveen at the University of Minnesota have reported their findings based on a statistical analysis of motivations behind Pinterest activities and the factors distinguishing Pinterest from other social networking sites.  


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