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Facebook Etiquette: 3 Things You must Avoid On Facebook

Of course, none of us are perfect and we all make social snafus now and again. But if you want to be top of the class in Facebook etiquette be careful not to make these mistakes yourself! There are millions of Facebook users worldwide; however, many of them might be unaware of the fact that they are using the popular social media site in a wrong fashion. Here are


Those who use the site and post messages on their Timeline or their friends' Timeline might be unaware that what they post on timelines is still visible to others and none of it is 'private' and is visible to friends of friends or whichever customized settings one is using.


Either one should directly send a message to the concerned person through clicking on the Messages link to the left of news feed and clicking on a new message button or going to the particular user's profile and clicking on the message button near the top right of the page, Fox News reports.


Another usually done yet mostly unrealized feature is that of 'oversharing'. Most of the users do not realize that sharing everything on the social media might be a good way to let out all the updates of their lives but can also damage real-life relationships.


The report said that if a user wants to post pictures of self, or photos with certain friends, settings should be either customized in a manner that other friends or family aren't offended or better still not post them at all.


Apart from oversharing, the feature of putting in too much information in photos is risky. Smartphones today are enabled with embedded GPS info into photos which can let those who know how to extract the info get sensitive data about where the photos were taken including one's house, kids' school or other important locations.


In order to turn off the feature, users can right click a photo and choose Properties and in the Details tab, click the 'Remove Properties and Personal Information' button for Windows.


The report further added that in order to turn off the GPS feature while clicking photographs, iPhone users can change the Privacy Location Services from the Settings tab while Android users can change it from the Location Services tab and turn off the feature when not needed. Start Pinging your Friends online with Android Phones - Get amazing deals and Discount From Rediff Shopping.


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