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Facebook Attaches Video Sharing Feature to Instagram

Very much in toe with the media speculation, Facebook finally offers video sharing features to Instagram which was declared at the grand media event on June 20th. Instagram as we all known is a popular photo sharing app that allows users to take pictures and share them on social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Last year, Facebook bought Instagram in a $1 billion deal committing to build and grow Instagram independently.  Over a year later and with 80 million new users, Facebook adds video features to its cherished photo-sharing app. 


This announcement of facebook was not a surprise considering we were already aware of such a move.  “Video on Instagram” is the latest addition to the app which will allow users to take 15 second long videos. "It's everything we know and love about Instagram, but it moves," is what Kevin Systrom had to talk about the new feature of this popular application. Systrom is the CEO and co-founder of Instagram which as mentioned earlier was bought by Facebook in April 2012.


This all new feature of Instagram competes directly with Vine, another popular video sharing app owned by micro blogging website Twitter. Within a short span of six months, Vine has acquired quite an appeal amongst the users. The raw and real time video taking ability of this application has put Vine app in limelight when in February this year aTurkish Journalist used the app to capture the aftermath of a suicide bombing outside the U.S. embassy in Turkey. The six second video bore a lot of details and evidence that was crucial to the entire incident.


Debuting in January 2013, Vine has become the most popular video sharing app on iOS and Android propelled devices, however it will be interesting to watch how things will unfold for this app in the future. Right now Vine has a user base of nearly 13 million which is way below the 100 million user mark which Instagram flatters.Secondly, the recording time thatInstagram presents is 15 seconds, which is more than double of what Vine has to offer. Another feature which runs in favor of Instagram is that it lets user revert and delete the last clip in case a mistake happens when taking a video. Unfortunately, for Vine, if a user makes any mistaken while recording, he/she will have to start over again. Check out Rediff Shopping - India Leading Online Shopping Site For Comsumer Electronics, Mobiles and Accesories and Gadgets.


Processing and sharing videos on Instagram seem to be better than Vine. Once the video is recorded, Instagram offers 13 filters to the video. These filters can assist users to change the color and appeal of the video. Also, the application has a video stabilizer feature known as “Cinema” which can be applied before sharing the video online.  The application also enables users to add caption, select cover and even post it on Photo Map, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, share via email etc.


New and rather intimidating features put forth by Instagram has in many ways put Vine video app on a back foot. Promising more to Vine users, the app’s co-founder posted certain awaited features of the app such as the user ability to save drafts, splice bits of multiple Vine videos together and browse content based on categories and genres.


It is still unclear how “Video on Instagram”will usher-in revenue for Facebook. Since, the media event did not disclose introduction of ads on its service. Additionally, despite a number of new features that Instagram has to offer, we are not sure as to how it will beat the popularity of Vine. According to top measurement firm Topsy Analytics, in the last few days Vine users posted more videos on Twitter thanInstagram for sharing photos. But this could be mainly due to the reason that video sharing and advertising has taken precedence over Photo sharing. Perhaps, with Instagram acquiring a whole new avatar, the tables could turn in favor of the app.



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