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There are many benefits related to the use of social media marketing to promoting a business public image online. Here we'll examine the top 10 from a very broad perspective so you can learn how to use these tactics for your personal business.   1. Exposure  | 
Provided Twitter’s recent activity and development, it is currently as big as Facebook regarding social network. Developing a Twitter account and posting messages is straightforward, as it simply takes you a couple of minutes to get things going. Nevertheless, it should take considerable time for you to begin noticing results. Creating an enticing following will be the hardest part.  

Indian Online Population Now 3rd largest in World after China and US
ANI  | 
India's online population has been reportedly ranked third largest in the world after China and the US.   American Internet Analytics Company, comScore Inc. in its 2013 India Digital Future in Focus report stated that India's 73.9 million home and work Internet users place it on the third spot globally.   According to Dawn, India has the youngest skewing online population among BRIC countries with 75 percent of its total Internet users under the age of 35.  

Facebook Etiquette: 3 Things You must Avoid On Facebook  | 
Of course, none of us are perfect and we all make social snafus now and again. But if you want to be top of the class in Facebook etiquette be careful not to make these mistakes yourself! There are millions of Facebook users worldwide; however, many of them might be unaware of the fact that they are using the popular social media site in a wrong fashion. Here are  

Facebook Attaches Video Sharing Feature to Instagram  | 
Very much in toe with the media speculation, Facebook finally offers video sharing features to Instagram which was declared at the grand media event on June 20th. Instagram as we all known is a popular photo sharing app that allows users to take pictures and share them on social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Last year, Facebook bought Instagram in a $1 billion deal committing to build and grow Instagram independently.  Over a year later and with 80 million new users, Facebook adds video features to its cherished photo-sharing app.   

Yahoo Follows Facebook and Microsoft in Publishing US Government Sought 'Snoop Data'
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Internet corporation Yahoo has followed the league of technological companies in publishing reports about 'snoop data' requests made by the US government.   According to the Guardian, Yahoo has revealed that it had received 12,000-13,000 requests, inclusive of criminal, Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), and other requests by the government between 1 December 2012 and 31 May 2013.  

Facebook Looking to Partner with Samsung to Boost Mobile Advertising Sales  | 
With the growing mobility of internet, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg discussed potential partnership with Samsung company's president Shin Jong Kyun during Mark Zuckerberg's Asia tour.   According to Bloomberg report, the partnership would reportedly focus on advancing mobile-advertising sales.   Facebook has been strongly encouraging advertising on mobile.   In April, Facebook Home had been launched by social networks.  

Yahoo to Decide Ad Charges Based on Social Media Influence
ANI  | 
Internet corporation Yahoo has filed a patent to make ad charges based social reputation of viewers measured in terms of their social media presence.   The patent would help advertisers bid against each other to target users based on the level of authority amongst their peers scored on terms of their social media influence, reports BBC.  

Facebook Introduces 'Clickable Hashtags' Linked to Topics of Discussions
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Social media giant Facebook has introduced 'clickable hashtags' (#), similar to those used in Twitter and Instagram, in order to allow users to identify the topics and search for them later.   According to, users will be able to follow the link through the hashtag and see a feed of discussions over the same topic. For example, #LadyGaga will lead to discussions and other search results to the same topic.  

ANI  | 
As male superb lyrebirds sing, they often move their bodies to the music in a choreographed way, adding evidence from human cultures around the world that music and dance are deeply intertwined activities.   "Like humans, male superb lyrebirds have different dance movements to go with different songs," Anastasia Dalziell of Australian National University, said.  


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