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5 Tricks Ecommerce Gurus Learned from Mail Order

Technology advancements have made life so much easier for most people.  That is certainly true in the case of shopping.  Nowadays a person doesn’t have to spend endless time in line at their favorite store or browsing from store to store to find what they are seeking to buy.  Today, the internet has opened up the world to a wide variety of shops and websites where you can practically buy anything you want or need.


Before the internet age, you either had to shop in person or order from a catalog.  Mail order was quick to do, but the time waiting for your product could be a slow process.  Today, many companies offer a variety of shipping options, at a price, that allows you to choose your shipping preferences. 


Ecommerce is a booming.  Go online and you’ll soon discover that large corporations like Target and Walmart have complete online shopping available 24 hours a day.  Even your small Mom and Pop businesses have become ecommerce savvy.  If you’ve ever wondered how Ecommerce gurus have made it so far, here are 5 tricks that they have learned from mail order.


Variety of Products


One trick that Ecommerce gurus have learned from mail order is product offerings.  For many who enjoy catalogs, one of the reasons is the ability of different products ranging from bath to home and beauty.  Giants like Sears and JC Penneys understands that offering a variety of quality products in one catalog increases their chances of a sell and the loyalty of a repeat customer.


Ecommerce has taken this idea and recreated websites based on promoting a wide variety of products targeting a global audience.  Companies like Carol Wright Gifts and Lilian Vernon have gone one step beyond by also offering products that aren’t necessarily available in store such as those from As Seen on TV.  Overall, Ecommerce businessmen understand that a variety of products is good for business because it opens up opportunities to a wider group.


Ease of Ordering


Toll-free ordering is just part of the mail order catalog business.  A person does have the option of mailing in their order, but mail order businesses understand that people do like to speak with a live person to get additional information and to place their order with ease.  This helps ensure the buyer that their orders on places and that the desired products are available for immediate purchase.


Ecommerce gurus have done the same thing.  Many shopping websites offer the toll-free number for questions and concerns.  But their main focus is allowing the shopper to choose, click and buy immediately.  A person can normally find out additional information on a product, possibly see an online demonstration and browse for like products at any time of the day or night.  They’ve also taken the guess of whether an item is available since many update their website informing a buyer if a product is sold out or not.


Promotional Pricing


One truth about shoppers is that they want a quality product at a good value.  What makes Ecommerce attractive is that for many, they are able to save money by not having to pay sales tax.  A few states require the buyer to add their sales percentage to the final sale, but the majority don’t.  So money is saved that can be used to buy other products or used in other ways.


Mail order companies entice new customers with promotional pricing, discounted sales and even free bonus items.  Many of these companies also offer a website that allows the customer to use the promotional pricing online and take advantage of online shopping. 




One of the advantages that local retail stores have order mail order and Ecommerce is shipping.  Products are available for immediate purchase and you don’t have to pay for shipping.  However, some retail stores prices for items are higher than what may be found online.  So to combat this issue, many Ecommerce businesses offer a variety of shipping options.  Some may offer free general shipping.  Others may offer next day, 2 day or express mail services depending on just how quickly you want to receive your product. 


Target Audiences


Successful businesses understand the need to know their target audiences.  Whether mail order or Ecommerce, not understanding your target audience can lead to a lack of revenue and failure.  Some mail order catalogs do specialize in certain types of products, such as LL Bean, but they also understand the idea of promoting to those who want their products.  It doesn’t mean that a company can’t send out a catalog or advertise on the internet in specialty markets. 


Like television commercials that are shown on specific channels to match up with their demographics, Ecommerce can practically do the same thing.  If a business does specialize in unique products, they can use a service like Google Ads or an online advertising company that can get their name and products to sites that fit their niche market.


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