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“Performance Marketing for Professionals” Covers All Bases

Murray Newlands and John Rampton are two well-known Internet marketing professionals—Newlands as a consultant and reporter on the space, and Rampton as an SEO and PPC guru. Putting their extensive industry knowledge to good use, the two online experts recently teamed up to pen a new eBook, “Performance Marketing for Professionals,” which serves as an introductory and detailed guide to becoming a successful online marketer. 


The book has 14 chapters, ranging in topics from an introduction to affiliate marketing, to email marketing, media buying, competitive intelligence, and SEO, and offers step-by-step advice for getting started as well as expert insights and tips from both Newlands and Rampton, as well as a handful of other industry leaders. 


According to author Murray Newlands, “Performance Marketing for Professionals” is meant to serve as both an introduction to the industry for the inexperienced, as well as a detailed reference for Internet marketing veterans. In an interview, Newlands said, “John and I wrote this book because we felt that everybody in the Internet market industry could stand to learn something, and we wanted to provide that resource. Digital marketing is much segmented in that people typically specialize in one small area of the industry, but may not know the basics of another part, so we tried to bridge that gap.”


The book definitely provides a wealth of information from across the online spectrum, and is written in an easy to read format that should help any advertiser get on their way to making money and being successful. 


“We made sure to try and cover all of our bases,” Newlands explained. “since John and I both have experience and expertise in different parts of online marketing, I think we managed to do that. Plus, we’ve also got guest sections from people who are experts in their respective niches, such as Parker Powers, Scott Richter, Adam Riemer, Oliver Roup, and more. Readers can expect to find anything from how to get started as an affiliate to expert tips on email design and SEO.”


While Newlands acknowledges that his book has a lot of introductory and beginner-level information and advice, he is adamant that even the most experienced online marketers can learn something, too. 


“It’s a great resource for everybody in the industry, whether you are just starting out, or you’ve been here for 10 years,” he said. “With a business that evolves alongside the Internet, there are always new things to learn, and this book has the most up to date information you’ll find in one place.”


Whether you are looking to start a new career in the performance marketing industry, or you are a veteran in the space, we’re confident that “Performance Marketing for Professionals” will serve as a great resource for you and your business, and for only a few bucks, it’s well worth the price. To find out more about the book, or to purchase it, visit the website at


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Both Murray and John are very well known and this book is popular. Your readers should want to know about it.


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