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5 Free Video Sites Better Than Youtube: Hulu, Vimeo & Rediff iShare

Are you looking for Video Sites Better Than Youtube? Is there any other more entertaining world of streaming videos online? The answer is ‘yes’, there are more other options available and some of them are even better than YouTube. Here is a small list of free video sharing sites like YouTube, once you check them may be like many others you will also consider some of them are more entertaining and attractive than You Tube.


Rediff iShare today joined the bandwagon by launching a free social content sharing platform --iShare—here you can publish and share your own videos for free. iShare is a multimedia social content sharing platform for the users and would also enable the professional content owners to distribute their work. "Multimedia growth is driving the internet in a big way and by bringing together audio, video and images through 'i Share'. The best thing we liked about this platform is its “Instant Sharing”. You can upload your own videos, creative presentation, songs and lots more. Find a large variety political news, recent new clips, funny videos, movie trailers and lots. To make your search easier it has been categorized according to the most recent keywords topics searched online, to provide recent and fresh content daily.  Log on to


World Wide Internet TV (WwiTV)


World Wide Internet TV (WwiTV) is more an accumulating site than a video producing site. They do not produce themselves but direct you to other video sites of your choice. Suppose you want to watch a Vietnamese soap opera or music video from Azerbaijan, you can find all from World Wide Internet TV (WwiTV). The production and presentation quality are not always up to the mark or soothing to the eyes. But there is no other place where you can find a program on Greek Hellenic channel immediately followed by North Korean videos as a top selection of the day.




Many television channels consider keeping their shows out of streaming video sites is a lost battle. They are more keen to find partners who will help them to deliver their original high quality contents rather than presenting ripped video versions while sharing ad revenues. Hulu is their right destination. Hulu carries very high streaming quality contents from many TV channels. It is very unfortunate that they do not have international streaming rights outside the USA and is restricted to US audiences.




It is a creation by filmmakers. They show a welcoming holistic approach to video sharing. Professional filmmakers are more inclined to Vimeo than any other sharing sites. They beat You Tube’s messy look in quality and design. It is easier to find videos on a particular subject or topic here. Vimeo has over 3 million members and uploads 17000 videos daily on an average—a lot to choose from.




Stickam works in an innovative exiting way. Stickam launched in 2005, features user-submitted pictures, videos, audios but they are more popular for live streaming video chats. Some of the shows are programmed in a way so that as an audience member you can stream your own video and talk to the host or with other members of the video show. You will have the feeling that you are carrying the mike in a live talk show. You can watch pre-recorded interviews and shows. One issue about this TV is that, the most part of the day the site is occupied by young teenagers who love and are easy with webcams. If you prefer to watch some more experienced discussions, your choice has to be more selective.




This is a more matured version of Stickam. UStream also permits viewers to create their own video clips and broadcast but does not allow people to participate in live video chats in the Stickam way. They have live text chat on topics more entertaining and interesting than Stickam. The programs of UStream are more matured because many professional journalists prefer to contribute in live interactive video format.




Blinkx is the one stop destination for streaming videos. This comes with over 35 million hours of videos from all the important world sites and is considered as the world’s largest video search engine. You have to simply type the keywords and get the instant results from all major sites. They claim to have achieved more media searches than Google.  They really have thousands of options on streaming video for your entertainment and enriching your knowledge. They have every item for every taste.


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