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5 Tricks Ecommerce Gurus Learned from Mail Order  | 
Technology advancements have made life so much easier for most people.  That is certainly true in the case of shopping.  Nowadays a person doesn’t have to spend endless time in line at their favorite store or browsing from store to store to find what they are seeking to buy.  Today, the internet has opened up the world to a wide variety of shops and websites where you can practically buy anything you want or need.  

There are many benefits related to the use of social media marketing to promoting a business public image online. Here we'll examine the top 10 from a very broad perspective so you can learn how to use these tactics for your personal business.   1. Exposure  

How Does Advanced Cryptography Secure Electronic Signatures  | 
Electronic signatures are alternatives to handwritten signatures and they enable paperless transaction. This, in turn, allows business processes to be significantly expedited. Electronic signatures are legally accepted, and are as good as handwritten signatures. In fact, the market already has some trailblazing e-signature solutions that help businesses speed up and simplify their sales processes.  | 
Provided Twitter’s recent activity and development, it is currently as big as Facebook regarding social network. Developing a Twitter account and posting messages is straightforward, as it simply takes you a couple of minutes to get things going. Nevertheless, it should take considerable time for you to begin noticing results. Creating an enticing following will be the hardest part.  | 
Murray Newlands and John Rampton are two well-known Internet marketing professionals—Newlands as a consultant and reporter on the space, and Rampton as an SEO and PPC guru. Putting their extensive industry knowledge to good use, the two online experts recently teamed up to pen a new eBook, “Performance Marketing for Professionals,” which serves as an introductory and detailed guide to becoming a successful online marketer.  | 
While Google’s text advertisements that pepper the search pages are quite popular, its display ads have a huge scope of expansion. One of the reason display ads have not achieved their full potential is that it is rather difficult to create beautiful display advertisements that look good on all the different Internet-enabled devices. As the importance of mobile devices increases over time in search and online advertisements, Google is doing all it can to enable its customers to create mobile-friendly display ads.  

Indian Online Population Now 3rd largest in World after China and US
ANI  | 
India's online population has been reportedly ranked third largest in the world after China and the US.   American Internet Analytics Company, comScore Inc. in its 2013 India Digital Future in Focus report stated that India's 73.9 million home and work Internet users place it on the third spot globally.   According to Dawn, India has the youngest skewing online population among BRIC countries with 75 percent of its total Internet users under the age of 35.  

Facebook Etiquette: 3 Things You must Avoid On Facebook  | 
Of course, none of us are perfect and we all make social snafus now and again. But if you want to be top of the class in Facebook etiquette be careful not to make these mistakes yourself! There are millions of Facebook users worldwide; however, many of them might be unaware of the fact that they are using the popular social media site in a wrong fashion. Here are  

Facebook Attaches Video Sharing Feature to Instagram  | 
Very much in toe with the media speculation, Facebook finally offers video sharing features to Instagram which was declared at the grand media event on June 20th. Instagram as we all known is a popular photo sharing app that allows users to take pictures and share them on social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Last year, Facebook bought Instagram in a $1 billion deal committing to build and grow Instagram independently.  Over a year later and with 80 million new users, Facebook adds video features to its cherished photo-sharing app.   

Cloud Backup to Protect your Data  | 
Gone are days where one would file and store things in order,  be it files, mails etc while computing to retrieve it later.   Today with blizzard of emails back and forth  and polarization of content all over  , thanks to cloud email providers  IT dept need not worry about it end users mails being deleted accidentally or incidentally . Thanks to facility of auto archival and features like background forward, each out going and incoming emails can be backed up and restored on demand.  


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