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Dimming Smartphone Brightness Settings Can Reduce Sleep-Cycle Interference
ANI  | 
Smartphones and tablets can make for sleep-disrupting bedfellows and one cause is believed to be the bright light-emitting diodes that allow the use of mobile devices in dimly lit rooms.   The light exposure can interfere with melatonin, a hormone that helps control the natural sleep-wake cycle.   But there may be a way to check your mobile device in bed and still get a good night's sleep.  

How To Create Eye-Catching Banners?  | 
Your call to action means very little if you do not have everybody’s eyes looking at it. A call to action statement could be the most beautifully crafted pieces of marketing text since Dominos change the face of the Pizza industry with their tag line, “Your pizza in 30 minutes or it's free.” Yet, if nobody is looking at your banner, it will not matter what you write. Creating a good “Call to Action” is only half of the battle; the first half is to make sure your readers are looking at your banner.

Learning To Write A Blogpost From David Ogilvy
The Word Jockey  | 
In 1982, Ad Guru David Ogilvy passed around an official memo amongst his agency staff. It had some golden tips and rules of copywriting for Advertising. In this tech-thriving era of blogs and digital content, these golden rules still apply, because technology might change the rules of the content game but not the rules of language. So we picked a few relevant tips of that memo and tweaked them to suit the blogging community. Because after all blogging well is about writing well.

Voucher Cloud  | 
With online shopping at an all-time high and the level of competition so intense, there has never been a more essential time to invest into the design and functionality of your business website. Forrester Research states that 71% of shoppers research products first at online retailers, and that research is far more likely to lead to sales if the first impressions of a brand or product is high quality through great imagery, video and great customer service.

How to make a Safe Online Purchase?
GeekBlogTips  | 
Online shopping is booming these days, people love to purchase online, but still most of the people are not aware of the security issues and scams online, when you purchase something online you should focus on its safety issues.   Because when you purchase online you use credit or debit card and when you enter your details some bad people can use this information and they will use it.   You should focus on a few points by which you can make a healthy transaction only without any problems of security and hacking.  

Apple Introduces Two-Step Verification for Apple IDs | How To Activate
ANI  | 
Tech giant Apple has added a new level of security to iCloud and Apple ID users.   Now, the two-step-verification will require users to verify their identity when they sign into account from a new device.   Verification will be done using another one of users' devices, such as iPhone, Mashable reports.  

How to Use Google Voice Search on your PC?
mis-asia  | 
If you own an Android-powered smartphone or use the Google app on your iOS device, it's a good bet you've fallen in love with Google's voice-powered search. It works freakishly well.   What you may not know is that you can enjoy a similar experience on your PC. All you need is Google's Chrome browser.  

How To Minimize the Risk of Facebook Hack? 7 Easy Steps You Must Follow
ANI  | 
Hacking and stealing your personal account information by hackers is very common now a day. We all have heard about the recent attack on twitter by Chinese hackers were million of accounts were hacked and compromised. In this online world we are all connected on social networking site like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn through mobile or personal computers. This gives an easy access to hackers to misuse the personal information spread on all networks.   Here are the 7 step that you must follow to avoid any risk of attack from hackers


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