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User Experience Tips For Enhancing Salesforce

One of the things that have made Salesforce one of the leading customer relationship management software in the world is its ease to use. One can learn to use the software within a short period of time with proper training. In fact, it won't be wrong to say that it is easy to accomplish a lot of things with clearly defined goals and a little perseverance.


The software is fairly intuitive but basic development and custom administration takes a bit of knowledge of the inner workings of the software. Most of the times, users can easily figure out any issues with software with the help of online knowledge base. Of course, any user experience tips given here will be of lot of help!


Even though using the basic application is intuitive and easy, there are times when the end-user may get frustrated using the application. However, there are a number of ways in which you can enhance the end-user experience.


Several Crucial User Experience Tips


One of the first things that you need to take into account is the training for the end-user. Experts recommend business user training on a constant basis to ensure that users are aware of all the new features added to the app.


Most of the time, users will feel frustrated by discovering new features that they know nothing about. Continuous training will help users learn about various processes and how to use the new features to ease their workload. The constant training also ensures that the system is being used at optimum levels.


Another one of many useful user experience tips to enhance Salesforce is to standardize the values for various field picklists. Keep in mind that every software works on the principle of GIGO which stands for garbage in garbage out. In other words, if the data that is fed into the software is misspelled or is not accurate, you cannot expect correct reports or actionable reports from the software.


Therefore, it is very important to standardize the data entry values to ensure that the reports from the software can be used for sales and marketing. It is also important to standardize the values right in the beginning as dirty data into the software will last for a long time. For instance, you can begin by creating standard values for various countries or states or provinces.


One of the most common problems faced by end-users is lack of documentation. There is no denying the fact that creating useful documentation is not an enjoyable job but it helps a lot. Salesforce makes it very easy to create relevant documentation. Proper documentation that explains various fields and the use of those fields will not only help you keep track of various features of the software but it will also help others who may need to use that particular feature.


Help for each field will help the end users understand the meaning of each field and the kind of values that should be entered into those fields. This will not only make their life easy but will also improve data quality. It is easy to create tips for each field by going into the field edit area.



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