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8 Ways to Leverage of Social Media for Event Promotion

Social media is easily the most promising platform for event promotion. You can either promote your event for free or spend money on social media PPC to increase footfalls at your venue. The most positive quality of social media is that it engages the audience instantly and allows both the marketer and ticket buyers communicate with each other.


If your event date is just a few months away and tickets are not selling as expected, then it is time to go on a social media blitz. The main duty of an event management expert is to ensure a sold out auditorium. Here are a few innovative ways to promote your event on social media.


1. Create a video: Video conveys promotional message faster than any other medium. You should create a video highlighting the USP of your event and upload it on Facebook fan page and YouTube to generate a buzz in the market. Make sure that the video is interesting enough to encourage the viewers to click the “share” button.


For example, if you host the same event every year, mix the clips of past years and create an exciting video. At the end the video, ask people to “buy tickets” or “reserve seats” to drive traffic to your site.


2. Give free tickets: You can start a contest on Facebook and Twitter and tell the fans/followers that three winners will get a free ticket each. Contests provide a rapid way to generate interest in your event. Just make sure that the participation process is really easy. Only three people may win these free tickets, but once the buzz is created, other participants will go to your site and pay for the tickets.


3. Make your ads social: If you have a Google+ page and using Google AdWords to promote your event, then you can prove your popularity through the ads and convince people to click on the ad. Go to “Ad Extensions” in AdWords and select “Social Extensions” from the drop down menu to display the total number of Google+ followers in your PPC ad.


4. Interview speakers: People visit corporate events because important personalities share their wisdom in such events. Therefore, you can attract the target audience's attention by posting the interviews of your event speakers on your blog. Let them discuss their experience or ask them to share tips about something that is relevant for your audience. Once the article is published, share the link on Facebbok and Twitter. Since they like what they read, they would happily pay for the tickets to hear his speech in the upcoming event.


5. Create a customized graphic: Suppose you are hosting a rock concert. What is the easiest way to attract the target audience? Post the images of the rock stars on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter with a message like “performing live at LA on 20th March”. Social media users will surely notice it and go to your website to buy tickets. You can also request the event participants to share the same image on their social media profiles. Generally, famous people have thousands of fans and followers. So, the news will go viral within a few hours.


6. Use Facebook ads: Facebook PPC is a great medium for event promotion. The cost of advertisement is reasonable and thanks to Facebook's great ad campaign management facilities; you can display the ads to the right segment of social media users.


7. Use hashtag: Post tweets and posts using a unique hashtag to create a ripple in the social media. Make sure that the hashtag relates to your event and can be memorized easily. For example, a tweet like “#budgetcars Hyundai launching cheapest car ever in the Auto Expo” will surely grab the attention of potential customers.


8. Compose tweets for attendees: There is nothing more useful than word-of-mouth promotion. When people register for an event, give them an option to share the news among their friends. Write down a custom tweet like “I am attending X event. Are you coming?” with the link to the “event registration” page and request the ticket buyers to share the tweet.


These are some of the really good ways to promote an event on social media. You should try these techniques for professional event management and faster ticket selling. If you know some other ways to promote events on social media sites, share your tips with us in the comments.



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