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6 Ways To Transport Electronic Equipment Safely

From handheld devices to complex desktop electronic modules, all equipment houses sensitive boards and wiring that can be potentially damaged during shipment. Whether you are moving between office and home or trekking coast-to-coast, transporting electronic equipment safely requires proper preparation and planning based on your device's size.

Take It Apart

Large electronic devices often have several removable parts to make it easier to pack and transport. Remove all parts that do not compromise the device's functionality, such as extension arms or ink cartridges. Wrap each item in electrostatic discharge packaging to avoid any electronic damage through electrical shorts.

Use A Rack

Extremely fragile electronics often house multiple lenses that require as little vibration as possible to preserve calibration. A smart transport choice is using composite rackmount cases. Filled with specialized material, electronics are held snugly inside their cases. The cases have integrated slides to attach directly to a secure rack for transport.

Metal Option

Aluminum cases provide a lightweight feel with a strong housing. Foam inserts fill the interior and have specific cutouts for your electronics. Once you fill the case, it appears like a basic briefcase. Depending on the size, you can take this case on board an airplane as carry-on to keep your electronics in sight at all times.

Across Town

A strong case drifts side to side in the back of a pickup truck. To secure the case, construct a cubbyhole in the corner of your truck bed. Typically fabricated from spare metal pieces, this protective band remains in place as you slide the case into the center. Any sharp vehicle movements do not harm the padded electronics and you remove the case easily when you arrive at your destination.

Reinforced Cardboard

Use thick cardboard boxes as containers with several bubble wrap layers around your electronics. If possible, use two cardboard boxes stacked together for even more transport safety. All cardboard boxes have specifications stating their weight and strength limitations. Choose a thick construction rather than the more inexpensive, but thin, cardboard boxes.

Manufacturer Packaging

Save your manufacturer's packaging when you first receive your electronics. Most makers spend considerable money and research on top-notch packaging to preserve their products. Keep the internal foam and container intact to preserve the box for later use.

Using strong materials for safe electronic equipment transport allows you to stretch your investment dollar while benefiting from the device's use in multiple locations. With strong internal foam or wrapping, coupled with a sturdy case, your electronics should be safe after every trip.



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