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Future iPhone May Land Safely When Dropped | Apple To File New Patent
ANI  | 
Tech giant Apple is reportedly working on a system that detects when a device is falling and then spins it around to land it as safe as possible.  

Sony Smartwatch Gets New Firmware Updates, 6 New Faces & Notifications  | 
Apple already had big plans to capture the smart watch industry with its Apple iWatch. And today samsung also confirmed that they will be planning to launch smartwatch before apple. So there is going to be tough competition in the current market for this product.   If you watch this section very carefully there are many decent options available in the market and one of the favorite among them is a Sony smart watch also known as Sony Ericsson Live View Android Bluetooth Watch.   According to Android Authority information says “Now it is getting even better thanks to a new firmware update. Currently the update is available through google play and also brings many new features including the watch faces.

UK Declares New Blackberry Software 'Not Safe Enough For Essential Govt Work'
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The British government has rejected BlackBerry's new BB10 software as not secure enough for essential work.   The previous BlackBerry version, 7.1, was cleared by the country's Communications-Electronics Security Group (CESG) in December 2012 for classifications up to "Restricted", two levels below "Secret".  

Samsung Galaxy S4 Becomes The Fastest Smartphone, HTC Comes Second.
ANI  | 
Samsung's Galaxy S4, which was launched last week, has been named as the fastest Smartphone yet. Primate Labs, makers of GeekBench, compared the Galaxy S4 result of Android Authority to other Smartphones.   Following the highly anticipated unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S4 last week, the tech world is busy figuring out which Smartphone is the best. Really, it's a contest between the upcoming Galaxy S4 and the Apple iPhone 5.  

Apple iPad To Get Retina Display by Mid 2013
ANI  | 
Apple's iPad mini with Retina display could be launched in the second half of 2013, a report has said. The above image shows the leaked pictures of new iPad Mini with Retina Display. The logo has different color as it symbolizes the iPad Mini 2 with different colors options.

Apple iPhone 5s Will Support NFC and Fingerprint Technology
ANI  | 
Apple is said to be planning to introduce an iPhone that can be unlocked by the owner's fingerprint.   At the same time other manufacturers are thought to be experimenting with iris scanning and voice recognition, the Telegraph reports.  

Samsung Galaxy 4 Launched: Check out the Latest Touch Wiz and Software Features
The much awaited  Samsung Galaxy S4 phone is released today and everyone is excited to know what extra does this new phone hold in terms of their features, software and specification.   The Smartphone will be available at the end of April in 155 countries, although Samsung did not reveal the price yet, says ANI. According to Fox News, Samsung pushed the idea that the new Samsung Galaxy S4 is a constant friend, a willing companion and able assistant.  

Samsung Galaxy S4 Images Leaked Online
ANI  | 
Pictures of Samsung's Latest Galaxy Smartphone S4 - Expected to be released in New York this week, have been leaked online, a report has said.   A series of images published on a Chinese forum for Samsung fans showed a smartphone that users claim is the new Galaxy S4.   The handset appears slightly larger than the S3, the Telegraph reports.  

Memoto Camera: 5-Megapixel Camera that Captures Every Minute Of Your Life
ANI  | 
Two-Swedish inventor has developed an innovative camera with the intention to helps people capture photos every 30 seconds of their life.   The Memoto camera, which raises 550,189 dollars on Kickstarter in 2012, is a small wearable 5-megapixel digital camera about the size of those Listerine Breath Strips packs.  

Samsung Galaxy S4 Features, Price Rumors in India and Release Date (March 14)
The Galaxy S3 version was a big hit as people really liked this version making it single most of the best selling Smartphone’s in the world. Samsung sold approximately 30 million pieces since it launched in May 2012.   Samsung is planning to launch their next Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S series named Samsung Galaxy S4. Samsung is planning to launch on March 14 subbed as the “Samsung Galaxy S4”.  


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