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Now, Samsung TV That Bends And Twists At Click Of Remote
ANI  | 
A Samsung TV with a flexible display that viewers could bend by using a remote control, just like changing the channel, could be a reality soon, as a newly published patent from Samsung suggests.   The patent describes a TV with the ability to be bent and twisted with the help of a remote control. In addition to adjusting the physical display, the remote control would also alter the images to fit the screen's new positioning, reports Fox News.  

Nokia Launches India-Made Touch Screen Phone For USD 99 (Rs.5000)
PTI  | 
New Delhi, May 9 (PTI) Finnish phone maker Nokia today unveiled a USD 99 (about Rs 5,350) touch screen mobile with internet capability on its popular Asha series as it looks to regain lost ground after having fallen behind in the global smartphone race.   The Asha 501, which will be built in India, will roll out to 90 countries by June and will cost USD 99 excluding taxes. The phone will use a new software that allows users to multitask between built in applications for popular social media sites.

Facebook Phone By HTC Now On Sale For Only 99 Cents  | 
After a month of its launch, a Facebook Phone by smartphone is on sale for just 99 cents with a two year AT and T contract. The reason for having a dedicated device to provide a more pleasant facebook experience is to merely keep the users hooked on to the site, reports Slate.  

ANI  | 
New high-tech hangers can now do the job of salesclerk by suggesting matching items to generate a bigger sale.   When a jacket is lifted from a rack, an embedded sensor sends a signal to a computer and switches on a brief video showing a recommended combination, or how it looks worn by a female idol, the Japan Times reported.  

Samsung Eyes Up To 10 Percent Revenue From Enterprise Biz in 2013
PTI  | 
Korean handset maker samsung today said it is targeting to garner up to 10 per cent of revenues from enterprise business this year.   "In terms of enterprise business, we are targeting to achieve approximately 5-10 per cent by the end of this year of overall Samsung India revenues," Samsung Director (Enterprise Business) Akash Saxenaa told PTI.   The company will be focussing on education and insurance sectors in order to meet the target.  

Insects Eyes Inspire New Digital Camera With Unique Imaging Capabilities
ANI  | 
Digital cameras with designs that mimic those of ocular systems found in dragonflies, bees, praying mantises and other insects have been created.   This class of technology offers exceptionally wide-angle fields of view, with low aberrations, high acuity to motion, and nearly infinite depth of field.   Taking cues from Mother Nature, the cameras exploit large arrays of tiny focusing lenses and miniaturized detectors in hemispherical layouts, just like eyes found in arthropods.  

Launching Today: Flexible Mobile Devices That Can Change Shape On-Demand
ANI  | 
Researchers including one of an Indian origin have developed prototype mobile devices that can change shape on-demand, and will be unveiled today - Monday, the 29th of April.   The devices could lay down the foundation for creating high shape resolution devices of the future.  

Sony Launched N9100 Home Cinema System Lets Viewer Turn Off Sports
ANI  | 
 Sony's new N9100 home cinema system has the ability to mute the commentators but still let you hear the action.   Set to release in June in Australia, the home cinema system has a football mode designed to enhance the sounds of the action and the crowd but eliminate the commentary.   According to, while it is called the football mode, Sony said it would work with any sport by eliminating the voices on the middle audio channel and leaving the background sound.

Samsung to Launch Galaxy S4 in Seoul This Week  | 
Samsung Electronics said Thursday that it will roll out its new flagship smartphone model Galaxy S4 in Seoul this Friday for the first time across the globe.   The latest version of Samsung's Galaxy series will be available for sale to South Korean customers from Friday through three local mobile operators, including SK Telecom, KT Corp. and LG Uplus, according to an e-mailed statement.  

Blackberry's New Inbuilt Feature Tells Pals When Owner Watches Porn
ANI  | 
Blackberry users, who secretly watch porn on their new smartphone, could be in for a nasty shock as a new built-in feature tells all their friends about the naughty habit.   The 'Show what I'm listening to' feature has been designed for users, who are fond of sharing music videos or funny YouTube clips, the Sun reported.  


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