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Apple Ios 7 Presumed To Be 'Black, White And Flat All Over'
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Apple's decision of redesigning its latest iOS 7 is speculated to present a 'black, white and flat' look all over.   Jonathan Ive who became in charge of the look and feel of the Apple hardware and software last year, is reportedly not fond of skeuomorphic heavy designs, which currently dominate the iOS.  

Why Nokia Is Still The Best in the Smartphone Market?
Did You Know Why Nokia is Still a Force to Be Reckoned with in the Smartphone Market?   Nokia has not been having an easy time of late, and that is mainly due to the fact that it has fallen so far behind its rivals in the high-end smartphone market. There once was a time, not too many years ago, when Nokia was the undisputed leader in the mobile phone market. However, it was too slow to adapt to the move to smart phones, and now it lags a long way behind firms such as Apple and Samsung.  

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A concept device has been created by BBC where the script can get altered depending on factors like weather.   The Perceptive Radio, produced by the Future Media North Lab, is believed to be a world first.   The proof-of-concept drama, which used a computer-generated voice for one of the characters, can adapt on the fly according to information pulled from external sources.  

New Microsoft Xbox One Unveiled As Home Entertainment Hub
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Microsoft today unveiled its eagerly awaited new generation Xbox One videogame console, touting it as a home entertainment hub that goes far beyond games.   "Today, we put you at the center of a new generation in the living room," said Don Mattrick, head of Microsoft's interactive entertainment business, unveiling the new version of the popular game console.  

Video Games With Human-Like Opponents Provoke Aggression
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Video games that pit players against human-looking characters may be more likely to provoke violent thoughts and words than games where monstrous creatures are the enemy, a new study has found   "It's important to think in terms of risk factors," Kirstie Farrar, associate professor of communication at University of Connecticut and the lead researcher on the study said.   "The research clearly suggests that, among other risk factors, exposure to violent video games can lead to aggression and other potentially harmful effects," Farrar said.

  Staying safe on the road is important whether you are driving by yourself or have the family on-board.   Our gadgets in many cases can be distracting, causing us to lose sight of the road and our surroundings – which can be harmful or fatal in the wrong place at the wrong time.  

 Apple's App Store Hits 50 Billion Downloads As Ohio Man Wins 10000 Dollars
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A resident of Ohio Brandon Ashmore has won the jackpot prize of 10000 dollars by downloading Apple's 50 billionth application.   Apple had earlier announced that it had come close to 50 billion iPhone and iPad app downloads since the firm's launch in 2008 and declared 10000 dollars worth gift card for the person who reaches the milestone, ABC News reports.  

Blackberry Launches Low Cost Slim And Sleek Q5 Smartphone In The Market
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Blackberry unveiled its new slim and sleek low priced Q5 and has decided to offer its popular messenger service on other platforms like Android and Apple free of cost.   The latest version of the Blackberry is an attempt at regaining the market share, which Research In Motion, RIM, has been losing in the emerging market after the coming of Google and Apple devices.  

iPhone Losing Battle Against Google Android: Samsung & HTC Leads the Market
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A report by an independent technology focused analyst house Catalys, has claimed that Apple's iPhone is losing market space to other smart phone manufacturers.   According to a report by Mashable, the shipment of notebooks, tablets and smartphones reached 308.7 million in the first quarter of 2013 which is 37 percent more than last year's figure for same quarter.   At present, Google's Android is dominating the mobile market by making up for 60 percent of shipments. Apple holds only 19 percent of this market.  

Samsung Announces 5G Data Breakthrough | Users Can Download Movie In Just Seconds
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Samsung Electronics said today it had successfully tested super-fast fifth-generation (5G) wireless technology that would eventually allow users to download an entire movie in one second.   The South Korean giant said the test had witnessed data transmission of more than one gigabyte per second over a distance of two kilometres.   The new technology, which will not be ready for the commercial market before 2020 at the earliest, would offer transmitting speeds "up to several hundred times faster" than existing 4G networks, it said in a statement.


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