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Apple's Future iPhone May Cost as Less as $99 (INR 5500)
ANI  | 
Apple has plans to release a lower cost iPhone that will sell for 99 dollars.   The next version of the software for the iPhone will be incredibly different than past versions.   Apple is reportedly looking at iPhones with bigger screens and will be releasing the low cost phone in a range of colors as soon as this year, the ABC News reports.   According to the report, Apple declined to comment on the rumors, but CEO Tim Cook addressed the question of larger screens last month at the All Things D conference.  

Party Gadgets  | 
Behind every great party, there got to be a great gadget. Whether it's an amazing sound system, a flat screen television, a video gaming console, whiskey stones, or even a popcorn maker, party gizmos have a lot going for them. What follows is a list of four ultimate party gadgets that will swear to make your party the most rocking and happening party ever! Karaoke player

Apple Unveils New MacBook Airs, OS X Maverick and Fresh Look with iOS 7  | 
Software giant Apple unveiled its new range of MacBook Airs with better battery life, a fresh look incorporated to the iPhones with the new OS and other tweaks to the existing softwares at the company's Worldwide Developer Conference.  

Apple Unveils 'Activation Lock' Feature to Protect Against iPhone Thefts  | 
Apple has introduced a new feature called 'activation lock' which is expected to provide potent protection against Apple iPhone thefts.   Increase in smartphone thefts, and the increased pressure from law enforcement authorities grappling with an epidemic of street crimes, prompted Apple to take this step, reports Huffington Post.  | 
Most people would no sooner forget to take their smartphone abroad than they would fail to pack their passport. Yes, a smartphone really is that important in the grand scheme of things, but before you lovingly pack your precious HTC Titan in your hand luggage, spend a few moments considering how you plan on using it when you are abroad.

Xbox One To Have Eye-Tracking Technology To Check If Users Watch Ads And Offer Rewards
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The Xbox One will soon have an eye-tracking technology to check whether the viewers watch ads and also offer rewards for those who stay put during adverts.   According to The Sun, Software giant Microsoft has filed for a patent to use eye-tracking technology in its Xbox One home entertainment system so that television and online advertisers can check if users are watching the ads attentively.  

When it comes to aesthetics, the Nokia N8 is a formidable phone with rugged good looks. It is a recent triumph of a company that has been struggling to produce something innovative and high-end for the mobile-buying masses.   Thus back to brainstorming they went, and brought out the N8, complete with a new OS and a host of top-notch technology bundled under its hood.   The N8 was introduced to the public during early February 2010, seeming almost a legend of unsurpassed hardware and software.  

Car That Runs On Tweets: World's First Car To Be Powered by Social Media
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A team of engineers have made a car that runs on social media attention.   Kansas-based design and engineering firm Minddrive restored a 1967 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia to

Google Edition Will Come Soon for HTC One
HTC phone owners have something to rejoice as HTC has announced they are currently collaborating with Google in releasing a Google Edition for the HTC One phone. According to sources, this was confirmed after the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Google Edition last May 15. Like the aforementioned Google Edition Samsung Galaxy S4, the Google Edition HTC One will feature the latest version of Google’s open source Android operating system. The phone will also be able to download the newest update for the OS on a regular basis.

Google Glass 'Difficult', says Apple CEO
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Google's wearable technology Google Glass, which has been gaining a lot of uncertainty about its usage and subsequent abuse related to privacy concerns, did not find a clear admirer in Apple's CEO Tim Cook.   Cook, while addressing a conference, said that the product by Google is not only difficult in terms of wearing the technology on the face but also acquiring it for 1,500 dollars, reports CNN.   Cook questioned whether people would actually want to wear the technology on their faces.  


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