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Read How iPhone Changed the World  | 
When Apple came out with the iPhone, it was heralded as a revolution. Since that time though there has been a proliferation of android phones that can do many of the same things that an iPhone can do, but for a lot less money. So the question has arisen; if Apple is making all the money, but the Android device has more of the market share, then who is going to come out on top when the chips finally fall in the smart phone contest?  

Apple iOS 7 Concept Features - Rediff Technology  | 
So it’s been a while, ok maybe some months since Apple has come out with something we can “love”.   But now let’s get ready for iOS 7, which will come out in the last quarter of 2013, most probably September. iOS 7 will be released along with the iPhone 5 or   Well let’s talk about iOS 7. Currently the iOS 7 beta can be downloaded, only if you are a member of Apple iOS Developer Program.

Five Reasons Why You Should Own A Tablet - Rediff Technology
There are so many technological options available to you today. You can get a smartphone, an digital camera, and now a tablet. Maybe your question is, "Do I really need a tablet?" You may not even realize what exactly you can do with a tablet. Here are five benefits you'll want to purchase one.   You can use it as an e-reader.  

Apple Applies for 'Rumoured' iWatch Trademark in Japan
ANI  | 
Software giant Apple has reportedly filed for trademark in Japan for its rumoured production of 'iWatch', a smart wristwatch which is expected to function with its iOS software.   According to Fox News, Japan's Patent Office website indicates that the application was made on June 3 and made public on June 27, however, it is not clear when the application will be approved.  

Coming Soon: Apple iPhone That Can be Controlled with Nod of Head
ANI  | 
Software manufacturer Apple is testing motion control feature of 'head movements' which will allow users to control their iPhones.   The feature has been discovered in Apple's latest mobile operating system, iOS 7 and will be available for public update in the fall. It is an option in the accessibility menu that overrides the usual touchscreen controls, reports CNN.  

Sony Launches 'SmartWatch2' Following League of Wearable Technology
ANI  | 
Japanese technology giant Sony has launched its 'SmartWatch2' and hopes that it will revolutionize the mobile market and become the precursor to the market of 'wearable technology'.  

5 Of The Best Gadgets You Need In Your Home
There are so many gadgets to choose from these days, you may be wondering which ones are worth getting. Some items are luxuries or fun to receive as gifts. Others, however, are ones you should make sure you have. These are the type of gadgets we'll be focusing on here -ones you definitely want for your home. Smart TV  

Microsoft Alters Key Components Of Xbox One Sharing Policies  | 
Software giant Microsoft has reportedly altered some of its sharing policies for its latest gaming and entertainment console Xbox One after addressing to feedbacks from the 'Xbox community'.   Microsoft has dropped the 24-hour Internet connection requirement for playing all disc-based games, and has made games using and sharing unlimited, CNN reports.  

Galaxy S4 Ranked No.1 Across US Carriers: Poll
ANI  | 
Galaxy S4 has been ranked number 1 across the four major carriers Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and ATandT.   According to poll conducted by consumer reports, Galaxy S4 which has a screen that responds to gestures booted Apple's iPhone5 down to 4th-6th position which excels in image quality and web browsing.  

iMessages Encrypted Data Could Be Retrieved by Apple
ANI  | 
Software giant Apple had earlier claimed that the US government has no access to its servers but has recently said that it could not furnish certain data to the government even if it wanted to.   According to Mashable, Apple has said that data of iMessages and Face Time is protected by end-to-end encryption so that no one apart from the sender or receiver can view it adding that even Apple cannot decrypt that data.  


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