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Internet Security with Kepard Premium VPN Service

Do you want to browse internet safely for all your financial transactions and personal data? But, security over internet is major concern for using internet for business? Do you have any website blocked in your college or university? You want to get access to those blocked sites? Here comes the solution to all your issues with regard to online security.


Hackers always look for opportunities for any loopholes in the security and exploit important data and thus cause huge financial loss. This is the reason one should opt for a VPN. There are so many VPN providers available, but only a few are reliable and affordable. Kepard VPN Service stands first in the list.


No matter what kind of websites are blocked by your ISP, Kepard has the ability to unblock them in no time. Moreover, they offer secured connection so that others can not easily get your identity.
Kepard started with a great mission to provide online security in 2012 in the Republic of Moldova. It provides internet freedom and a security tool for any kind of internet user with their VPN service.
One can use their service and browse the blocked websites anonymously and perform any kind of financial transaction and also deal with their personal data without any fear of hacking or getting identified and enjoy freedom from internet censorship.


Kepard has their servers located in Netherlands, France, UK, Germany and USA. No matter the user located in any country they have their nearest server to offer hassle free VPN connection with optimum security.


Kepard VPN Features


Easy Interface


The User interface of Kepard VPN is pretty easy to understand. They facilitate the users to connect and disconnect to the VPN with just a single click. Navigation through the tool is self-understanding and needs not any guidance.




Whenever a new server is deployed then Kepard automatically updates the VPN connections. Users no need to manually check for the new servers every now and then. This saves a lot of time. Kepard’s only vision is to protect internet privacy to its best.


Operating systems


Kepard supports Windows, Linus, Mac OS, Android and also iOS. These are the most commonly used Operating systems.


Kepard VPN Features


Strength of Encryption


This is the most important feature every VPN user considers. Fortunately, Kepard offers 256-bit encryption strength while most others offer just 124-bit.


Torrents and P2P


Most of the other VPN services do not allow using torrents and P2P applications. Kepard never restricts its users. So you can safely download torrents and enjoy your favorite software, movies, music and books.


Simultaneous connections


This is where Kepard strength lies in. It allows multiple computers use the VPN simultaneously as it provides unlimited bandwidth to its users.


Unlimited bandwidth


The speed of the connection is pretty faster along with unlimited bandwidth. Their VPN users no need to worry about the bandwidth usage as long as they are with Kepard.




Kepard - Premium VPN service offers an unlimited amount of data transfer and encrypted VPN technology using OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP/IPSec. So the users can pick up the required protocol as per their needs and bypass geo-restrictions.


Free trial


Kepard allows the users to try their services before subscribing to any of the plans. users can opt for trial for a maximum period of 180 days. They can buy the plan that suits them the best to serve their purpose.


Customer service


Last but not the least. Kepard's Customer service is quite effective in providing support to its users 24x7. Users can email their issues with the VPN and they will be provided with the solution in no time. All you have do is just raise a ticket and add the issues you face in the content of the ticket.


Kepard Plans and Pricing


Kepard VPN prices are pretty affordable and this is where they stand stronger in the market. Their VPN plans start from $7 per month with unlimited bandwidth and 256-bit encryption. Users can opt for either 1 or 3 or 12 months subscription. The more the duration the lesser the cost of the plan. Moreover you can first enjoy trial and then go for paid plan.


Kepard Plans and Pricing


Users can get a huge discount if they opt for the annual plan that costs only $35. They also have a refer and earn plan where in you can invite your friends to Kepard and enjoy 180 days trial with 400 MB of traffic per day. The mode of payment can be Paypal, Master card, Visa, Discover and American Express.


Final verdict


If you are looking for an affordable and secure VPN service provider for your financial transactions, personal data security and business then Kepard premium VPN service is the best choice available.


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