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Amazon Launches 3rd Generation Kindle Fire HDX!

In classic Amazon fashion, without much fanfare, a bunch of new tablets just exploded up on their homepage today. The fresh collection, dubbed HDX, is available in the usual 8.9" and 7" versions, with better hardware and software, but possibly equally interesting is the makeover of 7" Fire HD from last year, which goes for just $139 now.


It is currently available to customers in Canada for pre-order through, giving customers access to millions of apps, games, books, Audiobooks and magazines, including more than 300,000 books that are exclusive to the Kindle Store.


Compared to the Kindle Fire HD, the new models feature a jump in display density (216 PPI to 323 PPI for the 7" and 254 to 339 PPI for the 9"), a switch from a dual-core TI OMAP Cortex-A9 (at 1.2/1.5GHz) to a quad-core 2.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon, and a bump from 1G to 2G of RAM.


On the software side, Android has been upgraded from 4.0 to 4.2.2 and Amazon added a few new features to their applications. Businessweek has an interview with Jeff Bezos running today too (starting a bit down the first page.


Why kindle paper white is hit and avail of using network across India where Vodafone is present as against whispersync


What people do on tablet today

Book reading habits are declining day by day due to arrival of Internet and computer culture in our society. Today tablets are not just for reading books or the newspaper, you can do many things such as play games, social networking, checking emails, you can even use it as a phone or can you do a video chat with your relatives or friends.


You can save as many books online in the form of ebooks. Microsoft has recently launched their Widows 8 Tablet with claim their device with office help productivity more than others, currently they are offering ms office on Ios and android too.  Find here wide range of tablets and ebook readers online from Rediff Shopping.


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