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Power in a crisis: UPS and Backup Generators

Most modern businesses couldn’t survive without power.  From running computers to powering or point of sale operations, our businesses day-to-day operations depend heavily upon reliable power to keep them going.  Think of how much a factory or manufacturing plant depends on power.  Without it, the assembly line comes to a halt, production stops, and money starts going out the window.  That can very quickly spell disaster for a business.  Unfortunately, power failures are a fact of life.  A simple glitch in the power can instantly cripple a company’s operations.  But there’s good news.  When the power goes out, there are backup options available that can keep companies going at full tilt.


Backup generators


Modern backup generators are a far cry from what comes to mind when one thinks of a generator.  There’s no need to switch on the generator in the event of a power outage; the unit is programmed to come on automatically once a power loss is detected.  Once power is restored to normal, the backup generator will automatically shut off.  These units run on either gas or diesel fuel, which is not ideal for the environment, and they do need to be tested regularly to ensure they won’t fail in the face of an emergency – two factors that make them a less-than-ideal option.  However, they are still widely used and available.


UPS systems


We aren’t talking about a courier system here.  UPS systems are an alternative to the generator for long-term backup power support.  Should the power go out, a UPS system takes over virtually immediately, providing an uninterrupted flow of power.   UPS systems require less maintenance and care than generators.  They do need to be checked periodically to be sure they will work when called upon, but not as often as a generator.  A UPS system can be used for both domestic and commercial applications, and the size of the system can be scaled up and down to meet power output needs.


Our daily lives, both at home and at work, hinge largely on reliable power output.  Whether it’s due to bad weather, downed power lines, or other reasons, the reality is that the power will go out from time to time.  When that happens, you need a reliable backup power source that you can count on to keep things running.  This is particularly important at work, where loss of power can very quickly add up to loss of income.  Don’t let that happen to you.  Don’t wait for disaster to strike to find a solution.  Be prepared for power outages before they happen by getting your hands on a UPS system.  Companies like UPS Rental offer rental services on these products so you can be prepared for an emergency without having to outlay a large sum of cash.  There are many options out there for backup power solutions.  Find the solution that works best for your needs and you’ll never find yourself having to deal with a loss of power again.


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