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Nokia N8 Still Worth Buying? Amazing Touchscreen, Large Display:Review

When it comes to aesthetics, the Nokia N8 is a formidable phone with rugged good looks. It is a recent triumph of a company that has been struggling to produce something innovative and high-end for the mobile-buying masses.


Thus back to brainstorming they went, and brought out the N8, complete with a new OS and a host of top-notch technology bundled under its hood.


The N8 was introduced to the public during early February 2010, seeming almost a legend of unsurpassed hardware and software.


It is able to take 12 megapixel still shots, as well as record 720p video clips and output with HDMI. Most crucial and attention-getting of all was the anticipated Symian^3 touch revolution.


When it first came out, people had to wonder if it exceeded the Nokia’s touchscreen model or if it was a waste of finely tuned technology bundled together in a clumsy, software package.


Nokia N8 Review

Hardware – The N8 manages to stand out, even up against a formidable backdrop of touchscreen successes.

This may be due in part to its sleek, aluminium design and its broad selection of colour choices, combined with the unusual construction of wavy lines and ramrod stiff lines at its top and bottom. Most noticeable of all is the jutting camera on its spine, hosting the largest image sensor a smartphone has ever contained.


Durability – Whilst no complaints have been raised regarding the phone’s steadfast reliability, it should be noted that the protruding lens on the back may be prone to wear-and-tear should the user slide it across any surfaces.



The position of the camera itself may also obligate the user to touch the lens when they are taking or receiving a call, which will do no favours to the image quality. However, despite these minor concerns, the N8 seems to be another mobile designed to last decades rather than a year or two. As an added bonus, user repairs are made simpler with the use of Torx screws, easily pried open and close to the battery.


Internals – You are most certainly not lacking when it comes to options and variety. With a wide assortment of nifty features to play around with, you could be on your phone for hours just testing things out. The N8 has 802.11n Wi-Fi, GPS, USB-On-The-Go support, Bluetooth, a 1200mAh battery, 16 gigs of space and a MicroSD slot for creating an extra 32GB.


Display – The front of the phone is made with scratch-resistant gorilla glass, making it quite a feat to leave a mark in the surface. You can manhandle it as you wish, place it in a pocket with keys and change, and it will turn up as glossy as ever. Beneath the remarkable screen, you’ll find a 3.5 inch display on a 640 by 360 resolution, complete with startling colours and shine. It even comes with auto-brightness, leaving the phone to accurately predict how much power to put behind its vibrancy.


Seen as one of the finest simian devices Nokia has ever come up with, this phone is definitely worth the money, despite any minute tweaks it might need.




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