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9 Must Have Features On A Smartphone

So you finally decided to take the plunge and invest in your very first Smartphone.


Maybe you've been a Smartphone user for a while now and you're looking to upgrade.


Or perhaps a friend has told you about some new, cool features that will be released soon, but you aren't sure if they are all they are cracked up to be.


Regardless of the reason, if you're in the market for a new Smartphone, here are the XX most important features you should look for when choosing the best phone for you.




Most phones today come with a USB charger that can be connected to your computer or other device in order to recharge the batteries. However, a more important and far more impressive use for that USB port would be the ability to connect your flash drives or other devices to your smartphones and transfer files from one device to the other.


Gorilla Glass


Our phones take a beating every day just through normal wear and tear. They might get dropped, stepped on, sat on or even ran over. The touchscreen is generally the most delicate part of a smartphone when it comes to life's mishaps and you definitely want to be sure that yours can stand up to the challenge. Gorilla Glass is pretty much invincible, which is a great thing – considering that phone likely set you back a few hundred bucks and would cost just as much to repair or replace.


Front Facing Cameras


Traditional cell phone cameras are on the back of the phone – on the part that faces away from you when you look at the touchscreen. A front facing screen that faces you when you face the touchscreen is a must have feature in any smartphone. A front facing camera makes taking self pics so much easier and it also provides an avenue for using some of those cool video chat apps as well.


Expandable Storage


Even though most smartphones come with a good deal of storage space, sometimes you just need more. Having a microSD slot on your smartphone is a great way to solve all your storage woes. Put it in when you need it, take it out when you don't – and then slide it into your computer for easy data transfers.


Wi-Fi Connectivity


Any good smartphone should definitely support wi-fi connectivity.  This allows you to take advantage of the many free wi-fi hotspots offered by hotels, restaurants and other public venues. Without it, you would have to rely on  your provider's Internet coverage, which can be spotty at best, especially while traveling.


Replaceable Batteries


Why should you be tethered to your charger cord all the time to ensure that your battery has enough life left in it to power your phone? You shouldn't. Instead, your smartphone should have a replaceable battery that can be changed when it gets low so that you never have to worry about finding a place to recharge ever again. The downside to this is option is having to carry around an extra battery, but the benefits and convenience it provides are well worth it.


TV Remote Capabilities


Some people live with their smartphones attached to their hands. Who has room for a television remote, too? Some smartphones actually give you the option of using your smartphone as a television remote – so that you never have to get up to change the channel OR put your smartphone down again. Way cool.




If your smartphone operates under 4G LTE, rest assured that you're getting the highest data transfer rates as well as the best connectivity on the market. For now. That might change later, with subsequent releases of fifth generation technology and beyond, but for now 4G LTE is definitely where it's at.


8MP Camera


Now days, not many people lug around a camera in order to take snapshots and pictures. They simply whip out their phone, point and shoot. To make sure you're getting the best quality pictures from your mobile phone, you want to choose one that has the highest megapixels available. Right now, that would be 8mps, but it's only found on a few models of phones. If pictures are important to you, look for a smartphone with an 8mp camera for best results.


If you were to ask five different people what the most important features in a smartphone were, you would get five different lists.


What's a big deal for some people might not even be a feature another person would use.


The key to knowing which smartphone features truly are 'must haves' is to decide what you would like your phone to be able to do and then research available models until you find one that does those things the best.



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