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Are you looking to buy a high configuration laptop and are getting confused over which one to choose? Listed below are the top high configuration laptops that are definitely better than the competition 1.      Apple MacBook Air 13-inch 2013

Xbox One To Have Eye-Tracking Technology To Check If Users Watch Ads And Offer Rewards
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The Xbox One will soon have an eye-tracking technology to check whether the viewers watch ads and also offer rewards for those who stay put during adverts.   According to The Sun, Software giant Microsoft has filed for a patent to use eye-tracking technology in its Xbox One home entertainment system so that television and online advertisers can check if users are watching the ads attentively.  

Microsoft To End Windows XP, Office 2003 Support By April 2014  | 
Washington, Apr 22 (ANI): Over 15 percent of midsize and large enterprises will still have Windows XP running on at least 10 percent of their PCs after Microsoft ends support for the operating system and also for Office 2003, in April 2014.   According to Gartner, not having support means that organizations' PCs could be vulnerable to attack.  

KALQ: New Touchscreen Keyboard Allows Thumb-Typing Faster Than QWERTY Layout
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A research team at the Max Planck Institute for Informatics has created a new keyboard called KALQ that enables faster thumb-typing on touchscreen devices like tablets or smartphones.  

Soon, Computer Screens Could Be Controlled With Eye Movements
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People could soon direct computers with their eyes, an Israeli entrepreneur has predicted.   For example, the ads on Smartphones will come alive when a users glance in their direction, ebooks will flip pages themselves when people have finished a section and videos will pause instantly when they look away, said Moti Krispil is the chief executive of Umoove.  


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