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Google Edition Will Come Soon for HTC One

HTC phone owners have something to rejoice as HTC has announced they are currently collaborating with Google in releasing a Google Edition for the HTC One phone. According to sources, this was confirmed after the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Google Edition last May 15. Like the aforementioned Google Edition Samsung Galaxy S4, the Google Edition HTC One will feature the latest version of Google’s open source Android operating system. The phone will also be able to download the newest update for the OS on a regular basis. This means users will be able to avail of the latest offering for the Android OS much quicker than other Android users. Google Edition HTC One users will also be able to easily access more applications for their phones, as the licensing fees for some of HTC’s Sense 5 software would be either lowered or completely waived off.


The HTC One Google Edition Rumors Confirmed


The release of the HTC One Google Edition was highly rumored even during the time when the Google edition Samsung Galaxy S4 was itself apparently to be in development. With the confirmation that the Samsung model is indeed in production and is nearing release, the anticipation for the release of the HTC One version grew significantly. According to observers, HTC’s decision to collaborate with Google for their own Google Edition phone models is an attempt to keep up with its closest rival.  The Samsung Galaxy S4 is by far one of Samsung’s best-selling models and with great custom software development.


HTC phones themselves run on the company’s own version of the Android operating system called the Sense. The newly confirmed Google Edition HTC One, meanwhile, will be running on the raw Android code. What this means for users of the new phone is that they don’t have to wait for new updates for Android to be adapted first to the Sense, as they can now directly run it through the raw code.


Predicaments on hand


However, there are quite a few questions with regard to the announcement. One thing in particular is whether the physical design of the HTC One itself would be revised top accommodate the new software. The HTC One features a two-button layout in which the second button is used for legacy on-screen menu support, and Google is requiring HTC to not hide the menu bar. This means that in the new model, the second button loses its function and thus will likely be removed from the physical layout of the Google Edition HTC One.


Another major concern is backwards compatibility with applications, like Beats Audio, that are already available to current HTC One users. As these were written with HTC’s Sense code (a heavily modified version of Android) concerns were raised that these might encounter issues when run using the raw Android code.


Many users are also asking whether the power button-mounted IR blaster would still be functional in the Google Edition HTC One, or will it be left dormant. The IR Blaster has been widely used in many of the applications currently running for the HTC One. Sources said that all of these questions will likely be answered once the Google Edition HTC One is formally announced to the public in a few weeks’ time.



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