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Fitness Gadgets: Technology That Is Great For Working Out That You Need To Have

Over the years, many have claimed that technology is leading to a more sedentary lifestyle, but a handful of companies has recently set out to change that. From Apple to Under Armor, companies from around the world are now in a race to come up with the penultimate device that will revolutionize health and fitness forever. Here is a look at four of the top current choices that could be just what is needed for that final push into a healthier lifestyle.


The Fitbit System

Fitbit is one of the first companies that were designed around the concept of technology and exercise going hand in hand. Their system begins with a series of wearable sensors of various sizes that can be worn on almost any type of clothing. These items then wirelessly connect to one’s computer, tablet PC, or tablet PC and can track a number of daily activities ranging from calories lost while walking to how soundly they sleep.


Jawbone Up

A number of companies have created similar devices, but few are as simplistic and streamlined as Jawbone Up. This piece of technology is very similar to Fitbit products, but does come with a handful of features that are relatively unique. The small device is lighter and more innocuous which means it can be worn without most noticing it is ever there. In addition to tracking movement and sleep patterns, it can also be used to gently wake up to the wearer with a series of buzzes that can be set with the accompanying software.



The quintessential piece of gear that any health enthusiast is going to need is a multi-tasking Smartphone. Not only are these devices completely portable, they come with many of the standout features of other workout gadgets. Within most Smartphones is a GPS unit that will allow for careful tracking of all walks, runs, and even bicycle routes. With a great set of earphones for running, few devices will make grueling workout sessions as easy as an iPhone. Get the best offer on latest iphone 5s and iphone 5c which is now available on Rediff Shopping - India's Leading online retail store.


Smart body Analyzer

Stepping onto the scale is a tough pill to swallow for many, but true accountability while on the path towards a healthier lifestyle does often help. With the Withings Smart body Analyzer, users get much more than just their weight. Along with their weight and BMI, the scale also tracks the time of day the scale is used and can even wirelessly connect to popular health programs such as Weight Watchers Online. 




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